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ASUS All-In-One V241EA Desktop PC Review


Who buys an All-In-One (AIO) PC in 2021? Students, office workers, creators, or all of them? Well, today we are talking about an AIO that fits the requirement of all those people.

The desktop in question is the ASUS AIO V241EA, which is kind of a mouthful. However, the PC itself is pretty impressive and here are all the important things to help you with your buying decision.



Well Designed With Solid Build Quality

The ASUS AIO desktop PC comes with a giant 23.8-inch FHD screen, a wireless keyboard, a mouse and a power adaptor. The big screen comes in two colours, gold and silver. My review unit came with a silver screen and it houses all the major PC components and the I/O ports.

The build quality of the screen is top-notch. It is sturdy and has a great finish. Meanwhile, the wireless keyboard comes with big keys which offer a very satisfactory feel when pressed. What’s really interesting is that the keyboard is dead quiet while typing. And it’s really good, I’d hate if there was any disturbance around me while typing.


The screen is almost bezel-less has great viewing angles comes with built-in speakers that are quite loud and deliver quality audio.

The mouse is also decent enough. It has some weight to it and uses a single AA battery.

Powerful Internals


The AIO PC offers a great performance thanks to an 11th gen Intel Core i5 Tiger lake processor. The new generation of Intel CPUs has fewer cores but higher clock speeds. I tried video editing and light gaming on the ASUS AIO and the PC performed well.

For faster memory, the ASUS AIO features 2 X 4 GB DDR4 RAM sticks. The memory is upgradeable, which is a good thing, especially in an AIO. The PC also has a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HD acting as storage space, which should be enough. If you want to add more, the back of the AIO comes with a healthy selection of ports including 2 X HDMI, 4 X USB Type-A along with an Ethernet slot.

Usability Extended

The best part about the ASUS AIO PC is the inclusion of an HDMI input port. Meaning you can use the FHD bezel-less monitor as a TV for watching movies or playing games. You can connect your gaming consoles, like the PS5 or Xbox Series S/X and use your ASUS AIO PC as a secondary monitor.

This feature massively extends the life of this PC. Even when the monitor is no longer in use as a computer people can still use the screen to plug in whatever device that they want.

There is a switch button that allows the user to change between the PC mode and the other mode.


The ASUS AIO V241EA is a complete and future proof package that’ll last you for years to come. My review unit costs around Rs. 62,000, however, you can spec it in any way you prefer. As for the question I asked in the beginning, I hope you have your answer by now.

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