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Havells Freshia Air-Purifier: 9-stage of Protection

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Air Quality In India is degrading at an Alarming Rate. 15 out of the 20 most polluted cities are in India— as found by the WHO(World Health Organization). That’s why Air purifier is a must for a smart home. While there are wide varieties of Air Purifier available in the market, but what caught my eye was the Havells Freshia. It got a beautiful design and a dominant performance to clean air using its nine-stage air filtration process. The air filtration by Freshia eliminates air-borne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, capturing pollutants up to 99.99%.

Developing countries like India have a high-level of air pollutants, especially in big cities. While we take necessary precaution to avoid atmospheric toxicity, indoor air can be quite entrenched with severe air-borne pollutants as well. Damp environments are often a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infectious diseases. Allergens can trigger flu, irritation and asthma while volatile organic compounds in paints, solvents and sprays can lead to respiratory problems. With particulate matter invisible to the human eye but equally harmful, it is essential to create an environment that injects purity and freshness in every breath you take.

‘Freshia’ is one of the impressive devices we have teste that feature a rigorous 9-stage filtration system. In addition to standard pre-filter, anti-bacterial, anion producer, cold catalyst, HEPA, the product also embeds humidifier, activated carbon, sterilizing UV light and anti-bacterial balls, absorbing toxic elements and infusing the air with essential nutrients. These filters ensure those dust particles along with air-borne micro-bacterial germs I eliminated. One more exciting part of the Freshia is that it adjusts to the room temperature and prevents dryness of the skin purifying the air in the room, preventing harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

From an aesthetic sense, Freshia favours functionally along with its appearance. The Freshia featuring an all-white theme and a perforated grill gives it an incredibly clean look. We expect this model to blend nicely with most decors. It might also interest most people who prefer a minimalist look and feel. It even utilizes the popular side-to-top airflow design that pretty much all modern purifiers use. The air-in vent and the filters are at the front covered by the front panel, while the aesthetically-pleasing grill at the top covers the air-out vent. There are multiple buttons on the top for more customized control, though you have an option to set it in auto and make Freshia do its job. The front also integrated with a bright circular screen that displays essential data, including PM 2.5 readings.

Talking about the noise level, it was surprising that this air purifier is complete silent at its lowest fan speed setting. But we can hear the fan spinning when running on High and Turbo. While this noise level is noticeable, the best part is that you’ll rarely need to run the purifier on these high settings for too long.

The Havells Freshia is highly recommendable for homeowners who demand a functional air purifier, but the top-end model comes at a price tag of Rs. 43,290/-. However, we can’t also despise the fact that Havells has integrated everything to ensure that you are getting precisely what you are paying for.

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