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Rocking Performance – Belkin Rockstar Headphones With Lightning Connector

Belkin Rockstar Lightning Headphones

If you are an Apple user, especially the iPhone and the iPad you might find it difficult to find the right pair of headphones for you. With the introduction of the iPhone 7 series, Apple dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack from their iPhones which continued from their following models. This essentially means you either have to use the wired lightning  Apple Earbuds supplied with the iPhone, wireless headphones or the Airpods. The downside for the wired Apple Earbuds is the build and sound quality.


Belkin is known to be a premium accessory maker for smartphones. Not only this, but Belkin also makes accessories for Apple products such as iPhone and iPad which offer complete compatibility with Apple products. Belkin has recently launched the Rockstar wired headphones which come with a lightening type connector. 

Build and Design

The design of the Rockstar headphones is quite unique. They might look similar to other wired headphones but on closer inspection, you will see an angular (L-shaped) design of the left and right enclosures. The packaging is quite simple and you will also receive three pair of extra ear-tips in different sizes for a comfortable fit for most people. Additionally, you also have an in-line integrated microphone with the volume rocker and an integrated button for playback/pause, taking/hanging up calls and also activate the assistant. Overall the headphones look very premium and also have a good fit and finish.

The wires of the Rockstar headphones are flat type which is coated with a layer of very flexible rubber which does not allow the wires to tangle making it easy to handle as well as to carry. The Rockstar is compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPad Pro(10.5″), iPad mini 4, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11.


Using Rockstar headphones is no rocket science. Just plug and play. Since Belkin is an official third-party accessory maker for Apple, the connectivity is seamless and no issues of incompatibility were noticed whatsoever. The Rockstar headphones are regular wired headphones which come without any form of noise cancellation. However, with the different sized ear tips that are supplied in the box, one will be able to get a perfect fit for themselves which will provide a great deal of sound isolation in the ear. Coming to the performance, the Rockstar headphones did not show evidence of distortion, even when being played in maximum volume. With the right size earbuds, the noise isolation works well and the listening experience is much better. If you are a true music lover and enjoy high-quality music streaming and listening, you will appreciate how the sound is so balanced making is a perfect tool for listening on the go. For calls, the in-line microphone does the job well while also allowing you to control music and calls with the buttons. The keys are quite firm and tactile in feedback. Press the multi-function key for 3 seconds and you can trigger Siri as well as use the mic to command. For those who are into fitness and sports, the Rockstar is sweat and splash resistant.



The Belking Rockstar Headphone s with lightning connector solves a major problem that many iPhone users face – A reliable and good sounding pair of headphones. While the Rockstar with the lightning connector has been priced at Rs. 4,999, while some online offers will get you a better deal. iPhone users complaining of their wired Earbuds can essentially switch to the Rockstar headphones for a better experience. If you or your friend are looking for a good sounding pair of headphones for your iPhone, look no further the Belkin Rockstar Headphones are here. 


Cable Length – 44-inch.
Type – Wired headphones.
Connectivity – Lightning connector.
Microphone – In-line with volume and call control.


Belkin Rockstar Headphones with Lightning Connector

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