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Microsoft’s first Android device: Surface Duo!

Microsoft Surface Duo - Exhibit Magazine India

The Surface Duo is the first product from Microsoft that runs on Android. It is the newest addition in the Surface line up of products which also includes laptops, tablets, and headphones.

The Surface Duo can perform all tasks that a smartphone does like making phone calls and all other functions but keep in mind that Microsoft isn’t positioning this as only a phone but a lot more than that. No clarity has been given however on the official positioning but to our thought, it could be like a mini foldable iPad.

Microsoft Surface Duo - Exhibit Magazine

The most distinguishing feature of the Microsoft Surface Duo undeniably is its dual-display configuration. You can close the entire device like a book that will secure the 5.6-inch displays inside when you are carrying it around. You can also swing the whole thing open 360-degrees if you like, so each display is back-to-back. You may put it in a tent mode too, or simply lay it flat.

Running two apps simultaneously on each display is also possible which means you can reply to an email while watching your favourite show on Netflix or you can use it as a laptop by using a virtual keyboard on one screen.

Microsoft Surface Duo - Exhibit Magazine Online

Speaking about the camera, you will not be able to find a rear camera on the Surface Duo. The only camera it sports is the front-facing selfie camera which is embedded at the top right of the interior panel making it ideal for selfies but you can also fold the screens to turn one screen as a viewfinder and the other working as a rear camera.

We cannot call the Microsoft Surface Duo a revolutionary product as similar devices are available in the market and the functionalities are somewhat similar like the LG Velvet and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is best to keep it on time to tell which formula among these is the winning formula for the future of smartphones.

For more information and detailed specifications: click here.

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