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TECNO CAMON 16 Premier Review: Best Budget Smartphone For Photography?

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review

The TECNO CAMON 16 Premier is a budget smartphone with all the essentials including an Octa-core processor, a big 6.85-inch FHD LCD, a chassis with metal finish, a quad-camera setup and so on.

The many features on the CAMON 16 Premier raise the question, “How is it possible to price this phone at Rs. 16, 999?” Well, I spent around a week with this smartphone and learned some really interesting and new stuff about it.

Here’s my review of the TECNO CAMON 16 Premier.

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier Review

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Screen

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design, the TECNO CAMON 16 Premier is a very big phone. With a screen size of 6.85 inches, it is as tall as the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the flagship smartphone from the Korean giant.

But despite its big size, it is easy to use. I have average-sized hands, and I could easily browse YouTube, Chrome, and play games quite effortlessly on the CAMON 16 Premier.

The only time I had to use both my hands was when I was continuously texting on WhatsApp.

In terms of build quality, it feels like a very sturdy phone. TECNO has used the smartphone’s massive size to its advantage, and as a result, the weight of the entire phone is very evenly distributed. So despite it being 20 grams heavier than my daily driver, the OnePlus 7T (190 grams), it feels almost the same while holding.

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Rear Panel

The CAMON 16 Premier has a glossy back, which is a fingerprint magnet, and aluminium finish on its sides. The smartphone has a square-shaped camera cutout at the back. On its sides, the smartphone features volume rockers and a power button with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner.

You will notice a quite big chin and a dual-dot display housing two front-facing cameras in the front of the smartphone.

I tested the fingerprint scanner, and the face unlock but ended up loving the former. With two functionalities built-in, the fingerprint scanner over the power button makes using this phone a delightful experience.


Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Screen Size

CAMON 16 Premier is powered by MediaTek Helio G90T, a powerful mid-range processor capable enough to run modern games at decent graphic settings. In terms of relative performance, the Helio G90T is powerful than the Snapdragon 765 by around 5%.

You can expect almost every game to run easily in medium graphic settings on the CAMON 16 Premier. The phone’s 90 Hz display makes use of the in-game FPS boost provided by the upgraded GPU.

The overall performance of the phone is respectable for a device in this price range. The smartphone does not lag in day-to-day usage, nor does it suffer from any heating issues. Thanks to the massive 4,500 mAh battery and a power-efficient SoC, this phone’s battery life is amazing. At the end of the day, I am usually left with a 35-40% charge.

The phone comes with an 18-watt fast charger that juices up the entire battery in around an hour.

Camera Performance

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Camera

At the rear, the TECNO CAMON 16 sports a quad-camera setup featuring a 64MP main lens, an 8MP 119° anti-distortion super wide-angle lens, a 2MP depth control lens, and another 2MP ultra night video-shoot lens. The entire setup is complemented by the industry-leading Penta-flashlight, featuring five rear flashlights.

You’ll find a dual-camera setup in the front of the smartphone featuring a 48MP main lens and an 8 MP 105° auto ultra wide-angle selfie lens. To make clicking selfies easier in low light areas, the CAMON 16 Premier comes with a dual front-facing flash.

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier, first and foremost, claims to be a good camera phone. So what do the results say? Here are some camera samples that I took in broad daylight using the main lens.

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Camera Samples

Before analyzing the photos, I have to point out that the Super Hybrid Image Stabilization (HIS) on this phone works really well. On top of that, the camera also uses an “ultra-stable mode” which makes taking photos very easy.

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Camera Samples

Talking about the photo quality, and there’s some really good stuff here. The pictures from the 64 MP main lens look great. You can zoom in to these photos quite a bit and see a lot of details. The ultra-wide camera functions very well and offers great image stabilization and quality.

CAMON 16 Premier has a patented ultra night mode which allows it to click night time photos with ease. The Penta flashlight works really well and illuminates the darkest of areas with ease. Photos from the ultra-wide lens also look surprisingly detailed, and it is perfect for taking amazing shots, especially when you’re in cramped spaces like a moving car or a lift. 

Tecno Camo 16 Premier Review Camera Samples

The 48+8MP dual front-facing cameras also work really well. The selfies on this camera setup look very natural, which I personally like, and the colour reproduction looks quite good.

Thanks to the 48MP main selfie lens, the selfies clicked from this smartphone are filled with a ton of detail. And you can zoom into the selfie quite a bit before the picture begins tearing up. Front portrait shots clicked from the 48+8MP dual-camera setup also look very clear as the camera AI can clearly separate the subject from the background.

The software automatically switches to the wide-angle mode when it detects three faces or more. Additionally, the front-facing flash makes it very convenient to click a great selfie in low light conditions. In short, this selfie camera setup is industry-leading at this price point.

In terms of video performance, the CAMON 16 Premier shoots super steady videos. The camera setup on this smartphone is great if you want to film a walkaround video, a vlog, or even a short selfie video.

The 960 FPS super slow-motion mode allows you to take some really amazing shots. Seeing everyday stuff in super slow motion turns even the mundane into extraordinary.

The video camera on the TECNO CAMON 16 Premier can shoot videos in up to 4k 30 FPS. Additionally, with Auto Eye Focus function, the camera focuses on your eyes very accurately and depict different angles of you.

In Conclusion

TECNO CAMON 16 Premier is a great camera phone with a decently powerful processor, big screen and good battery life. At Rs. 16, 999 it is one of the only smartphone offering a combination of 64+8+2+2MP Quad camera with Penta-flashlight at the rear and 48+8MP dual selfie camera paired with a twin-flash setup at the front of the smartphone.

On top of that, the super smooth 90Hz display and the 128 GB of internal storage further sweetens this already amazing deal.



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