7 Absurd Apps You Didn’t Know Existed!

Absurd Apps
While we’ve all been spending our time scrolling through our phones or just sitting with a Netflix show on, it’s time to put that screen time to better use. Okay, maybe not better but we might as well shuffle things up a little since the end of the lockdown doesn’t seem near. 
Try out these absolutely absurd apps and drop-down comments below if you actually ended up liking one of them (no judgments, I promise).

Do you have a favorite social media app? Is it Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or is it Tinder? What if I tell you that you could experience all of that on one app but not experience anything at all at the same time? Confused? Let me help you out. Binky is a social media app, or should I say a dummy app, that gives you all the possible experiences of how any social platform works. The catch here is that any action you take on the app is basically, well, pointless because it’s not visible to anyone. It exists to provide a feel of being social without actually being social.

Die With Me
Okay I have to give this one credit – it’s smart, it’s creative and thankfully not as gloomy as it sounds. None of us here are strangers to the fear that creeps in as we see our phone batteries turn from green to red to that tiny exclamation point telling us that we are going to be technologically handicapped soon. This app is basically a chatroom that can be used only when you have less than 5% battery left. The app aims for a user to experience ‘die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace’. Sounds interesting, right? 

Is It Dark Outside?
I love how app developers have started coming up with app names that are so literal to what they do. This app answers the very question that it asks – is it dark outside? Yes, and that’s about it. If you had a problem telling night from day, this one does that job beautifully for you.

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone and aren’t entirely convinced if it’s time to discard your old one, this app can help you out. Not in the way you think, but it will help you take that call, I mean fall. No no, I mean call. Basically, the Send Me To Heaven (SMTH) app is a sports app where you’re required to throw your phone upwards and it’ll calculate the height that you could reach. Are we on the same page about how this app helps you decide if you need a new phone? Good.

Pimple Popper
We’ve all been guilty of popping those horrendous pimples on our face (boys included!), haven’t we? Well, do yourselves a favour and take that pimple popping urge out on this app as it lets you pop virtual pimples. It comes with instructions on how to go pop different kinds of pimples which most definitely should NOT be used in real life. Go ahead, pop away!

Paper Racing
If you’ve had a visit to the supermarket that turned into a disappointment after seeing shelves of toilet paper empty, don’t be too disheartened. This game basically requires you to unwind a toilet paper roll as fast as possible. It can be turned into a multiplayer game by challenging your besties to who can use up a whole roll of toilet paper the fastest. Weird fact alert – feedback shows, most people prefer playing this game at the comfort of their toilets. Who would’ve thought?

The reason the lockdown is getting to us is because of the lack of beer (Okay fine, I am talking about me, get me my glass of Hefeweizen already!). This app is basically just a cheap thrill that you’ll get tired of very soon (Fine, I am talking about myself again!). You’re basically drinking beer without really drinking beer.


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