Apple Reinvents Computing, Yet Again!

Apple iMac

Apple has done it again. The new range of iMacs, the desktop computer line up from Apple, are here and they’re more powerful than ever. What’s noteworthy is the fact that these iMacs are no longer powered by the Intel processors but instead feature the Apple’s own silicon, the M1 chip. Along with this small chip, Apple has introduced plenty of changes in the new iMac that changes the way we use computers.

The Past Is The Future

Apple iMac

If you’re paying close attention to Apple’s current design philosophy, it is very much inspired by retro-tech. The new iPhone 12 resembles the older iPhone 5 in terms of design. Seemingly, the new iMacs also have a retro-touch to them in terms of design and colour.

The new iMacs are available in 7 new colours and come in an aluminium chassis. They are also incredibly thin with just 11.8 mm of thickness, which is thinner than just the bottom half of the Macbook pro.

Apple iMac

If you’re wondering how Apple achieved this, then you can thank the new M1 processor for that. The Intel processors used to run hot and thus required a big logic board along with complicated cooling mechanisms. However, the Apple M1 chip runs far more efficiently. As a result, Apple has soldered every bit of component on a logic board drastically reducing the size of cooling components. The crazy part is that everything powering the iMac is fitted directly behind its small chin.

Inspired by the very early Macs, Apple will now colour match the aluminium on the screen, keyboard, and on the mouse. Even the braided power colour will have the same colour as the rest of the iMac and it’ll attach magnetically to the system.

Powerful Internals

Apple iMac

All of this translates to amazing power and silent operation. Apple claims that iMac’s fans will remain under 10db during normal operations.

The ultra thin body of the iMac houses six-new speakers which, according to Apple, offers best sound experience of any Mac ever made. The current speakers on the iMac Pro already sound amazing, so it’d be interesting to see how a comparison between the two fares out.

As part of their initiative to make the iMac wireless, Apple also decided to do away with most of the ports on the iMac. The base model comes with 4 X USB Type-C ports and two of them also function as Thunderbolt ports.

Apple went one step further and also removed the logo from the front of the screen offering an intrusion free viewing experience. Speaking of screen, the 24″ screen features a 4.5k retina with 11.5 million pixels and 500 nits of total brightness.

Apple iMac

Online meetings are the need of the hour and Apple improved upon it by integrating a 1080p Full HD camera which now uses Image Signal Processing thanks to the M1 chip. To complement it, the new iMac will have the best microphone system in any Mac released to this date by using a three microphone array with beamforming.

Apple reinvented their magic keyboard as well by introducing touch ID as an optional extra. The coolest thing here is that your finger print data will travel wirelessly into the iMac for verification. This tech alone is one of a kind.

The M1 Magic

Apple iMac

Although people were expecting Apple to release an M1X version of the chip, the iMac only comes with an M1 processor. Still, it is powerful enough to edit 8k videos without a hitch. But the real magic in the M1 chip lies in its architecture. It is an ARM based chip similar to the one’s found in our smartphones. Most of our computers use an X86 based processor like Intel and AMD. However, the cupertino giant is setting a precedent here that’ll change the computing industry forever.

Apple began integrating the M1 chips in its laptops and Mac mini desktop solutions. And now that its coming in iMacs the industry will most likely follow suit. We already know Nvidia has announced ARM based CPUs in development for the firm Giant AI.

If rumours are anything to go by, AMD is also working on a consumer ARM chip. They already have an ARM based computing solution Opteron series for eterprises.

And the main reason why Apple includes a word from the software developers during its presentation is to create a ripple effect. To encourage companies like Adobe to make its software in a native ARM environment.

The Affordability

Industry wide adoption is also one of the reason for the surprising affordability of the new iMacs. They’re way more powerful and feature rich than last generation and yet can be had for a starting price of Rs. 1.20 lakh. Most entry level gaming laptops costs more than that.

Apple wants these computers in the hands of everyone, which is why they’re using every ace up their sleeve to sell as many of these iMacs as possible.

In the end though, it is beneficial for the consumer. They get a powerful yet efficient computer which is also surprisingly affordable.

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