Best Android Apps For June 2021


Another month brings another set of amazing apps that offer an array of special features guaranteed to make your life easier and way more fun. All the apps of this month are going to help you in taking notes, simplifying your tasks and have a lot of enjoyment while doing all of them. So here top 5 apps of this month that you should definitely check out. 


This newly released app by Google allows you to back up all your important documents and receipts into the cloud. The best part is that Stack will scan and identify important information from the documents and store them. For example, if you upload a receipt from a gas station, the app will identify the amount paid, the name of the gas station etc. The identification feature makes it easier to find a specific receipt in the future by simply searching for it. You can also use it to store your driver’s license, ID card so you always have a copy of it, in case you lose it. 


Let’s be honest, none of us likes watching ads. And one of the best ways to stop ads is by installing AdAway, a popular ad blocked on the Play Store. AdAway requires offers two types of ad-blocking method, Root Based and VPN based. For most people, the latter method would be more than enough. With AdAway enabled you can visit different sites without worrying about annoying ads giving you trouble. 

Spren Notification Manager

Spren notification manager prevents you from picking your phone every 20 seconds by blocking all unnecessary notifications. This application pushes through all the important messages and notifications like DMs, or work reminders and keeps all the unimportant stuff in the background. The app keeps all the notifications stored so you can view them at the end of the day at your convenience. 


Blinkist is a great tool for anyone who wants to read a book but has literally no time on their hands. It’s hard for most people to read books as they can have a lot of filler content sometimes which can be boring. But in Blinkist condenses down the book to 15-minute highlights that you can listen to when you have the time. It saves time, money and also allows people to learn new things when they’re doing other work like cleaning or cooking. Furthermore, even before you get down to read a book, Blinkist allows you to read a short description of the book so you can determine whether the book is for you or not. 


Do you remember the last time you got a haircut, or when you fueled up your car? Timejot is an app that keeps a track of your repeated activities and how often you do them. It keeps a timeline of random things so you never forget them. You just have to create an event, make a category and within that event, you can add an entry every time you do it. 

Those were some of the apps that can take our hearts away in 2021. Do you know any other amazing app that we missed? Hit us up on our social media channels to let us know.



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