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Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone Camera With These Tricks

Smartphone Camera Tricks

Every month a ton of new smartphones launch with amazing cameras. And while these smartphones may offer a ton of features, sometimes the best camera you get your hands on is the one already with you. With that said, here are the top 6 smartphone camera tips and tricks to up your photography game.

Top 5 Smartphone Camera Tips And Tricks

1. Colour Accuracy Exposure

If you’ve ever shot in bright daylight you know that your photo’s brightest part often ruins the colour or accuracy of your photo. If there’s a bright part in your photo, selecting it not only increases the exposure of the photo but also makes the object out of focus. The simple solution here to select the area you wish to focus on and use the slider to adjust exposure.

However, there will always be a trade-off between brightness and accuracy. You’ll lose detail if you manually tweak the exposure and vice versa.

2. Smartphone Camera Tricks For Best Lightning

Another issue which people encounter when clicking photos outside is overexposure. Usually, people don’t give attention to the sun’s position and often end up clicking photos with lens flare. The best solution to this problem is to make sure that the light source, in this particular case, the sun, is directly behind you. In this way, you’ll always get a picture that’s properly lit with a ton of detail.

Better yet, make sure that that the light source is at an angle over the subject to ensure the details are captured properly.

3. Manual Focus

Manual focus works wonders when you’ve to shoot one particular object in an evenly lit room. It allows you to clock portrait photos without using the portrait mode. To engage manual focus, you simply need to tap on the object, and it’ll come in focus, giving you a blurred background. The focusing ability depends on your smartphone camera’s performance up to a certain extent, but you can still get a pretty decent portrait photo if you’ve brought yours within the last two years.

4. Using Grid Lines

Another really easy trick to click great photos is by following the rule of 3rd. For the uninitiated, it is one of the fundamental rules in photography that dictates how to easily click great photos. To use this feature, you first need to enable the grid lines from the settings menu. After that, put the object you wish to shoot at the intersection of two lines, and you’ll get a properly framed image.

5. Shooting In Small Spaces

If you’ve purchased a smartphone in the last two to three years, your camera must have an ultrawide lens. Although this lens has many uses in taking really amazing photos, the most practical use of an ultrawide lens is when shooting in a small space constraint places like the inside of a car, a lift or a small room. It is as simple as selecting the lens and shooting.

Best Smartphone Camera Tricks

There’s a new smartphone in the market every day with a “great” camera. But it is always best to master your skills on your current smartphone before moving on to the next one. As a great man once said, “it is better to drive a slow car fast instead of a fast car slow.”


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