Master Gmail With These Tips And Tricks

Gmail tips and tricks

In a hyper-connected world E-mail is a tool of the utmost importance. It reminds us of our tasks, helps send important documents across the web safely and allows us to communicate with one another.

Most of us use email services like Gmail on a daily basis but we only have a surface-level knowledge of its features. If utilised properly, a finely tuned email system can increase our productivity by several times and make all of our lives a whole lot easier.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Gmail.

Undo Send

Before sending an email all of us try to proofread it and correct any grammatical or factual mistakes. However, all the mistakes catch our attention only after we press the send button. Maybe it’s the fear or the anxiety but the entire world suffers from this problem. Nonetheless, there is a way to undo a sent email inside Gmail. Here’s how.

Click on the settings gear in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After that, click on “See all settings.” Within the settings, in the general tab, at the top, there is an option called “Undo Send.” By default, it is set to 5 seconds, but you can click on it and change it to a maximum of 30 seconds. After selecting this option, your mail will now give you a 30-second chance to undo it before it reaches the recipient.

Schedule Send

In Gmail, you can schedule send a message. Meaning you can define when a message goes out. To do this, you simply have to click on compose a new mail, fill in the recipients and the other information. Now, instead of clicking on send, you’ll have to click on a small downward arrow beside it. When you click on it, the option to “schedule send” will appear. After selecting it, you can either opt for a pre-defined time or insert in your preferred time and date. After that, you’ll just have to click on schedule send and you’re done.

Upon doing so a scheduled tab will appear in the left side menu section on the main screen. From here you can select see your scheduled email. And if you need to do any changes to it, you can click on cancel send and do the same. After the changes, you can schedule it once more.

Track Your Email

In case you’re wondering, no we are not talking about the type of hacking you see in a movie. It is rather simple. Suppose you want to sign up for a newsletter or a mailing list. But after giving them your email, you’re constantly bombarded with messages and notifications. But now you don’t remember exactly which service you subscribed to. To prevent that from happening, you simply need to do the following – add a “+” and the name of the mailing list or service in your email address. For example, if my email is “John123@gmail.com” it’ll become “John123+videogamelist@gmail.com.” In case you start receiving unwanted messages from this email list, you now know where to unsubscribe from.

Dark Theme

Working for long hours can strain your eyes, to prevent that from happening you can enable dark theme. To do this, simply click on the settings button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Here you’ll see a bunch of images as theme options. Click on “View all,” scroll down in the new window and select Dark theme. Just click on it and it’ll apply the theme to your screen.

Reading Pane

If you have to read a lot of emails in the morning then I can understand your pain. To make your job a little easier you can enable “Reading Pane” inside the email to quickly go through your messages. To do so, click on “Toggle Split Mode” in the top right-hand corner of your screen, right beside the page navigation keys. When you click on it, the page will automatically split into two sections. On one side you can browse all the messages and on the other, you can read the content. You can arrange the windows vertically or horizontally.

Offline Mode

Did you know that you can access your email in offline mode? You may not require this function all the time but it always pays to be prepared. To enable offline mode, go into settings and click on see all settings. Inside the offline tab click on “Enable offline email.” You can also sync all of your emails for the last 90 days, which should be a relief for people who get a lot of messages.

Mute Noisy Conversations

It often becomes difficult to focus on your work if you’re constantly bombarded with unnecessary messages all time. To fix this problem, you can choose to mute non-important conversations. To mute a message simply click on a message, scroll down and select “Mute.” This will mute the said conversation and you’ll no longer receive any annoying messages.

However, in case you change your mind and decide that you want to return back to your muted conversation you can do so as well. In the “Search Mail” box type “label:mute” and you’ll see a list of all your of your muted conversations. Here again, you can right-click on the message you’re interested in and select unmute.

Vacation Response

When you finally get that hard-earned vacation you were hoping for you don’t want to waste your time writing emails. To auto-reply to all the emails that you receive while you’re on vacation, you can make use of the “Vacation Responder.”

To enable it, go into the settings menu, then click on “see all settings.” After that, inside the general tab, scroll all the way down and turn on the vacation responder. Along with these enter the start of your vacation date and type your custom message. You can either put in your vacation end date or manually turn the responder off when you return to work. Click on save changes and you’re good to go.

These were some of our tips and tricks for mastering Gmail. If you find this article useful remember to hit us up on our social media channels. Until then stay safe and stay productive.

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