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Microsoft To Launch Windows 10X | To Be Available For Download Soon


Single-screen devices to get it first.

Microsoft has just confirmed the launch of the upcoming Windows 10X. The company now plans to focus on single-screen devices. Microsoft had shared the concept of Windows 10X for dual-screen Windows devices last October, way before the world was in grip of the pandemic. However, with its focus on flexibility, the company has hinted on the launch of the Windows 10X in single-screen devices first.

For now, nothing much is known about Microsoft’s roadmap of devices it will follow for the launch, but it looks like that the single-screen devices are the ones which will be seeing the update –  Laptops.

It makes sense for the company to focus on single-screen devices during the pandemic as most of the world is under lockdown, working from their homes. Microsoft has seen a large user increment in a couple of years for their Windows 10. Thus it could be believed that they are gearing towards a greater experience for all during the time of crisis. People are using their computers/tablets to study, work and communicate.

Windows 10X is a lighter, toned-down version of the Windows 10, which has been worked on by Microsoft to combine with a modern user interface, start menu, quick access and multitasking.

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