PC Emerges As India’s Most Preferred Gaming Device

PC gaming

A study conducted by HP labels PC gaming as the dominant force in India. Furthermore, the report shows that 37% of mobile gamers want to shift to a PC indicating strong potential growth for the industry. Additionally, over 90% respondents view gaming as a viable career option; a trend led by women

The study was done between March and April 2021 across 25 tier 1 and 2 cities of India. The study claims that of the total number of female respondents, 58% of them preferred PC gaming whereas out of all the male interviewee a relatively low 52% said PC was better than mobile gaming.

It should be noted that interviewers were conducted with a mix of 72% male and 28% female population between the ages of 15-40 years. And all respondents were gamers, they either played action and adventure games on either PC, mobile or both.

The study also established that gaming also worked as a stress buster and a way to socialize and connect with family and friends. 

What’s really great news is that 89% of all respondents believed that a PC offers a better gaming experience than a smartphone. And 4 out of 10 mobile gamers would switch to PC gaming.

In terms of citywide distribution, 94% of respondents from Tier 2 cities preferred PC over a smartphone meanwhile 87% of respondents in Tier 1 cities wanted the same.

Amongst the main reason to migrate to a PC included better processing power, display and sound capabilities.

Gaming As A Career

PC gaming

With the rise in PC adoption, gaming as a career is also becoming a viable future path for many people in the newer generation. Over 90% of the total respondents agreed that gaming is a viable career option and around 84% of all the female respondents want to pursue a career in gaming, followed by 80% of all the male.

Here as well, Tier 2 cities (84%) proved to house more future gamers than Tier 1 cities (78%).

Overall, Women, GenZ, respondents from Western India, and Tier 2 towns have a high affinity for gaming as a career. 

Ketan Patel, Managing Director – HP India Market said, “With people spending more time at home, gaming has seen a dramatic rise, as consumers look to find new avenues for entertainment, stress release and social connect. In this scenario, the PC has emerged as the preferred device that provides the most comprehensive gaming experience.”

Apart from gaming, survey respondents highlighted entertainment (54%), photo/video editing (54%) and graphic design (48%), as other key tasks that they performed on their PCs – highlighting the versatility of PCs with gaming capabilities.

Gaming As Stress Buster

Over 92% of respondents agreed that gaming helps relieve work/study pressure while reducing stress and inducing positive feelings. In addition, 91% believe that gaming fosters better peer-level socialising and helps make new friends. Similarly, 91% of respondents also believe that gaming boosts attention and concentration levels.

Consumer Preferences While Buying A PC

PC gaming

The survey also touched on users’ key preferences in selecting a PC, especially for gaming. One-third of all PC users surveyed (33%) prefer gaming features while making their purchase decision. Better processing speed (65%) and graphics capabilities (64%) were the key consumer considerations while choosing a gaming PC.

Gamers expect better graphics, batteries, and more immersive displays and thermal innovations in gaming PCs.

In summary, the HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021 establishes PC gaming as a mainstream activity in India and underscores the role of a PC in human society, especially during the pandemic. Not only are increasing audiences across demographics leaning towards PC gaming, but it is also a preferred tool for enhancing social connect and relieving stress.

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