Samsung Launches Customizable TV That Doubles Up As An Art Frame

Samsung TV

Samsung launched the 2021 edition of its popular lifestyle TV, The Frame.  The new Frame TV is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Samsung’s official online store at a starting price of Rs 61,990. It comes in four screen sizes namely – 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch, from June 12, 2021. The 43-inch screen size, debuts this year and other screen sizes include 50, 55, and 65-inch.

The Frame TV stands out from the conventional Televisions on the market thanks to its customisable design and unique features. In its 2021 iteration, the Frame TV has 46% thinner bezels, users can personalise the look of the bezels by changing their design and colour. It also features 6 GB of storage, a massive jump from the previous 500 MB so users can easily store UHD photos. 

Samsung Frame With 4K Capabilities

The Samsung Frame TV is primarily aimed at an audience who wants the television in their house to double up as an art display, when not in use. As a result, in addition to a customisable frame, height-adjustable stand, it is capable of outputting 4K AI-scaled up footage. Samsung is also using SpaceFit sound, a technology that optimises audio based on what’s happening on the screen.

It is a QLED TV meaning, which is fundamentally similar to an LED TV but marginally better in performance thanks to a few key differences.

Just like the Frame TV, the packaging it comes with also has dual-use. Samsung says it can be used as a cat house or a bookshelf. Even the remote has solar charging and will juice itself up using indoor lighting.

The TV will be available for purchase on the above mentioned online stores on June 12 and Samsung also has an “Early Bird” offer in place. The people who buy the TV early will get Rs 9,900 worth of Bezels free from June 12 to June 21.

“Consumers today are looking for products that are an amalgamation of great design and premium technology.” said Sandeep Singh Arora, Senior Director, Online Business, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India, said.

“With The Frame 2021, we are empowering our consumers to transform their living space with customizable bezel options, while also delivering brilliant picture quality through our QLED technology.” he concluded.

Some other notable features of the Samsung Frame TV include an AI-based auto-curation technology that picks from the 1,400 pieces of art from the world. An Art Mode, to display the artworks when the TV is switched off. Along with Q Symphony, smart home, virtual assistant, and Samsung TV plus.

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