SWATCH NEXT Launches Big Bold BIOCERAMIC Unisex Watch


Only a few months after the first bio-sourced Swatch launched in September 2020, Swatch presents its latest innovation the BIOCERAMIC.

Two-thirds ceramic, one-third bio-sourced plastic, BIOCERAMIC is both resilient and resistant with a silk-like touch — uniting the best of both worlds. The latest watch comes with a  47mm diameter case, deep and architecturally structured, provides plenty of room to accommodate multiple watch parts. The watch comes in five colours: the classic design statements black and white, grey, optimistic sky-blue and new power-pink.

BIG BOLD in BIOCERAMIC is a smooth, pure and substantial design piece, reduced to the max to allow the new material to be fully enjoyed thanks to the signature “see-through” Swatch attitude. The bracelet, glass and loops are made from bio-sourced plastic. 

In 1983 Swatch introduced watches responsibly made out of 51 components only. After three decades, the brand introduced bio-sourced plastic, which debuted on the BIORELOADED collection in September 2020. Today, BIOCERAMIC comes as the new addition to SWATCH NEXT, the latest release in a run of disruptive ideas.

Swatch is always looking for ways to push the envelope when it comes to design, materials and technology. Priced at Rs. 9,605 BIOCERAMIC marks yet another benchmark in the brand’s innovation journey. By the end of 2021, all key Swatch product lines will further explore the use of BIOCERAMIC. The watch will be available for purchase on online platforms like Myntra.

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