Upcoming Games We’re Excited For 2021-2022

E3 2021 Upcoming Games

E3 2021 just happened and we have a lot of amazing games coming up all the way till 2022. These games are some of the prettiest and fun games we’ve ever seen and consequently, our excitement for them is off the charts. We saw racing games, action-adventure RPGs, some brand new IPs and a lot more during the E3 conference. Here’s a rundown of all the games we’re excited to play.

Forza Horizon 5

E3 2021 Upcoming Games

We don’t have anything else to say about this game except “holy cow,” because it looks amazing. All the details in the world and on cars look incredible. The game is Ray Tracing enabled and the visuals on the cars including on its interior and exterior are some of the most jaw-dropping we’ve ever seen. Forza series was one of the most fun to play racing games out there and with the launch of its 5th instalment, the game is ready to become the prettiest one as well.

OuterWorlds 2

E3 2021 Upcoming Games

The first OuterWorlds game was a pretty fun-to-play title. It had a lot of humour, interesting missions and great gameplay. However, Outerworlds 2 takes all that to the next level, probably. I say that because we only saw a CGI trailer of the game during the E3 2021 conference. It was a pretty funny trailer too as it made fun of the overdone format in which videogames are usually showcased. Needless to say, it’s a game we’re looking forward to playing.


E3 2021 Upcoming Games

Often we’re told how AI would take over the world and rule over humanity. Replaced flips that concept and gives you the control of an AI android that is trying to survive in a desolate future society. The game has a really unique visual style, very impressive animation, incredible effects and some really cool live 3D environments. I forgot to mention that it’s a 2D platformer game in which your character would mainly be jumping around the world. It’s truly one of the gems we saw at E3 2021 and we’re absolutely can’t wait to play this game.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

E3 2021 Upcoming Games

The first Plague Tale was a little gem of a game. This is why we are really excited about the second game, which was showcased at E3 2021. It continues the story from the first game wherein we see the little boy who has the power to control the plague. We also see Amicia, his sister along with several new characters that we’d be facing in the new game. The first game was mainly about stealth but we were getting more of a Stealth vibe from this game. Nonetheless, if you loved the first game you should definitely check this one out.


E3 2021 Upcoming Games

This is a collaboration between Avalanche Studios who’s best known for the “Just Cause” games and Xbox Game Studios. It is a Co-op game, it is an interesting looking, very mysterious game which has a heist vibe to it. In the trailer, we can see the inside of a house filled with stuff required to perform a heist like loads of documents, a getaway vehicle, some weapons etc. There aren’t a lot of heist games on the market so any new addition to this genre is always welcome.

Battlefield 2042

E3 2021 Upcoming Games

No one expected the Battlefield franchise to take a turn into the realm of the future anytime soon but they did it anyway. The upcoming Battlefield 2042 game returns to the series’ roots of overblown, chaotic action multiplayer. And this time it is only multiplayer because there is no campaign. We saw a little bit of the Battlefield 2042 gameplay, it features a grappling hook, aerial vehicles, tanks, tornadoes and a whole lot more.


E3 2021 Upcoming Games

It is a game from Arcane studios and it is set in an apocalyptic world featuring vampires. There are four main characters in the game, a lady with an ice gun, a scientist with a stake gun, an invincible sniper, a magic lady and a robot dog. They all have different abilities and are fighting in a post-apocalyptic world. We only saw a CGI trailer which means we don’t know how the real gameplay looks like. But it’ll most likely be a co-op game action game.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

E3 2021 Upcoming Games

The Stalker series is back and it looks very similar in terms of aesthetic to the old game. It features a dark, open world that has fantasy elements but somehow feels rooted in reality. The game showcased a lot of elements that fans of the first game loved like anomalies, mutated monsters, bloodsuckers etc. It is a game that will satisfy the fans of the original series.


E3 2021 Upcoming Games

Starfield is Bethesda’s attempt at making a space game and we’re pretty excited to see it happening. It is a game 25 years in the making, and it’s their new IP in years following the Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series. The trailer opens with a character walking inside his ship readying it for the takeoff. It seems to be on an alien planet because the outside environment looked a lot different than we see on Earth. It’s releasing exactly 11 years after 5th installment in the Elder Scrolls Franchise. Could it be related to that game in some way? Nobody knows for sure but all of us are really excited to play this game.

Those were some of the gems showcased during the E3 2021 that caght our attentions. Did we miss anything? If we did then do let us know about it on our social media handles. Until then, keep gaming.

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