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5 Tips To Save Up On Travel

Save up on travel

If you have been seeing the numerous posts of Influencers vacationing in exotic locations, month after month, you’ve definitely asked yourself how you can get your dream trip sponsored. Since that does not seem to be happening anytime soon, why don’t I give you some tips to save up money? While saving up for a trip is a whole another ball game, it’s equally important to save up ON travel so that you can get the best experiences and also not go broke!

Stay wise stay-wise

Be smart about where you choose to stay. Transportation can add up to a big expense very quickly on a trip. If you’re in the main city, you could choose a cheaper mode of transportation or simply just walk. As they say, places are best explored on your two feet.


Don’t pay too much head to what room you’re staying in because really, how much time are you really going to stay in it? Are you really going to go to a fancy gym or a spa at your hotel? But of course, make sure breakfast is included, always included.

Stuff that tummy!

You may have a lot of late nights but do NOT miss the complimentary buffet in the morning. Other than the health benefits of a nice heavy breakfast, you will also be stuffed when you leave for your day as planned and won’t have to spend much on lunch. It’s a win-win!

Where that free stuff at?

Use your stalker skills for this one. Check out the destination for free or discounted activities and go at them with full force. I personally, check out all the cafes and if they have any activities taking place –  my Instagram always comes to the rescue for this!

In my food, I trust

One thing Indians love is their share of snacks and food. So, carry those ready to eat food packets to avoid starving, yes? It’s always helpful to carry dry food and water whenever you’re headed out. You never know where you’ll get stranded or when your mom’s constant nagging about that water bottle can come handy.

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