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Guide to a Perfect Girls Trip

Girls Trip

If you’re an average Indian girl, you know the struggles and challenges we have to face to go on a trip – the permissions, the planning and the attempt at diluting parental paranoia. If you’re a working professional, adding to these problems are work schedules, availability, expenses and all that adulting stuff. But the thing to remember is – if the thought of exploring new places and meeting new people scares you but also excites you at the same time, it’s a clear sign that you should do it. And who would you rather have with you than people who’ve got your back. Yup, you got that right – your girl tribe. But like I said, there is a lot of planning involved that you can’t go wrong with. Here are some tips that should and probably will help you out for your next girls trip.  Eh, no biggie. 

Let’s Start With The Who!

First things first, decide who you want to trip with. It’s a widely known fact that you get to know a lot more about a person when you travel with them. Travel comes with accommodating, adjusting and compromising which will be worth it only if you are traveling with your kind, your tribe. So, to start planning a trip out, you have to start with knowing who are our no-ego-super-chill-similar-interest friends that will by default guarantee a memorable trip.

But, Where To? And When?

Next up is the where and when. This was probably already on your bucket list for 2020 so, I guess the ‘where’ is sorted. The ‘when’ is where the planning process will actually kick start – figuring out the availability of your tribe (Can I rant a little here? Being at an age where all my friends have super busy work schedules, it can get extremely difficult to decide on one date. But we stick to the mantra – where there’s a will, there’s a way’, and do end up narrowing down a date. So all I mean to say is, don’t get frustrated. Okay, thank you for listening). 

Bring Out The Cha-Ching!

You seem to be doing great till about now, but now it’s time for the toughest part. The cha-ching! I know you may have spent some time figuring out who this trip is going to be with and you want no clash (or bare minimum) with so deciding on a budget shouldn’t be much of an issue. But it is super important to not make assumptions here, be completely honest about how much you can actually spend. There is no embarrassment in letting them know that you are simultaneously saving up for that laptop you’ve wanted for so long. Don’t stress, they are your best buds, they’ll understand. 

Oh also, download Splitwise before the trip. Thank me later.

Now, What To Do?

Now that you have taken a sigh of relief, let’s get to the fun part. PLANNING THE ACTUAL TRIP. Unravel your super obsessed self and do all the possible research you can on the places you can visit within the budget you decided. Don’t be too rigid about your list, go a little easy because there are other people involved. Super helpful tip – try and save up on the trip on trivial things so that you can bring back something for your loved ones and yourself or just spend it on that one thing that was dicey on your to-do.

Can We Finally Head Now?

Now that all of that is done with, here’s a small reminder to self – all the planning was for a reason – to have fun! The number of times my friends and I have had spontaneous plans, long nights under the starry night at a beach, empty wine bottles on the side of loud endless laughter. Yes, planning does make you feel better about the trip but nothing beats being where you want to be, with the people you want to be with and the wind calmly swaying your hair as you stand there taking in every moment like a breath of fresh air. Oh, it’s the best!

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