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Travel Hacks for a Secret Getaway

Travel Hacks

Is spontaneity your default setting? If yes, welcome to my world (NOT!). I am a planner through and through; I need my post its and to-do lists and planners to start my packing. I am not saying I am ready 4 days in advance or anything but I do reduce my panic and paranoia by ten folds. Now imagine, if a person like this has friends like that, it only is more than necessary to use these planning skills to up your game for spontaneous trips – business or pleasure.
Here are 5 travel hacks that could possibly save your trip!

Pack right and light

Heard it ten thousand times, implement it ten thousand and one times. Make a quick list of everything you absolutely need (focus word being need not want) and stick to it. Fun thing I like to try out sometimes is that I choose a theme or a colour palette for the trip and go crazy experimenting with any and all kinds of accessories.

Save yourself a boring flight

It’s all about using your time to its best. Flights can be long and boring with no escape. Try to make sleeping one of the last things you plan to do as soon as you board. Keep your favourite playlist handy and download that Oscar winning documentary that you’ve been wanting to watch. Or if you’re anything like me, a book is always the best buddy to keep you company. 

Don’t get lost

Unknown paths and unending exploring. Make sure that the wanderlust in you knows one more tiny little thing. Do not get lost. I know it sounds kind of cool but reality check, be practical. Download the offline google maps and carry a physical copy of the map wherever you go. It could turnout to be a saviour you need.


One of the best ways to be a tiny bit prepared in case you’re heading to a foreign land is to write down a few basic words on a piece of paper and keep it handy. Even if it doesn’t come into use, say it anyway. The locals feel extremely happy that you want to learn their culture. Ps. if you’re wondering what Kapunka is, it means Thank You in Thai. Yup, going strong on that gratitude game wherever I go, maybe you can try it out too!


If you want to go all out and travel in the spur of a moment, oh man, make sure you trust your instincts. They are your best friends. If you’re second guessing this, just remember Robert A. Heinlein said, “The instinct to survive is human nature itself.” So if you’re human, I think we’re good!

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