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Goodbye Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 dropped back in September 2017 and has surprisingly been on sale by the company ever since. Five years after its initial release, Apple has continued to sell the device at entry-point pricing even after the launch of the Apple Watch SE. As the tech giants ‘Far Out’ event is expected to introduce the latest lineup of the Apple Watch, it looks like the company is finally bidding farewell to the Apple Watch Series 3.

While the Apple Watch Series 3 is currently available to buy in India on the official Apple website, it is being reported that the series is out of stock in Australia and the UK. Whereas one Series 3 variant is currently unavailable in the US with no updates about a restock. It is confirmed that the upcoming watchOS 9 software will not be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3, cementing that the series is now at the final leg of its run. It is expected that the Apple Watch Se will be replacing the Series 3.

What’s next?

Apple’s next big event is taking place on September 7. It is expected to introduce an extensive lineup of new products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and the rumoured next-generation AirPods pro. It is rumoured that Apple will introduce the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE2, and a pro variant of the Apple Watch. The pro variant is expected t to come with a new design, bigger display, and new health features.

The all-new Pro variant of the Apple Watch is expected to target extreme sports enthusiasts with a rugged design. It is expected to have a flat display which will be 7 percent larger, and a bigger battery size that can power the device for over 18 hours.

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