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Mom v. Tech

There are certain things that moms like, and there are things that moms despise. If my mom is to be believed, I would be living a much-sorted life if I didn’t invest much time on my mobile phone. The funny part is that I see my mom busting out YouTube videos at maximum volume as I jot this article down.

Here are five tech devices that our mothers prefer or do not prefer having.


The one thing that moms have a love-hate relationship with. They only love it when the ball is in their court. Smartphones have become a convenient medium to kill the boredom of aged beings. The inclusion of OTT platforms has also made it easier for our parents to watch movies on the go. Now that I am mostly out for work, I find it relieving that my mom has her little friend to keep her occupied. And yes, I almost forgot, the annoying family Whatsapp groups make the smartphone even more interesting.


I have lost count of the number of times I got trashed in my childhood for playing video games. I am sure most of you have gone through this or at least have been asked to pause your online game. Playstation and other video game consoles are totally uncool and would ruin your eyesight, of course, according to our moms. 


Although my mom wasn’t ever into television dramas, I have seen in my friends’ house how much of a television buff moms become when those family dramas start to roll on the screen. I still haven’t figured out why anyone would watch 1000 episodes of something that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Or maybe I am just bad at understanding moms.

Amazon Echo

During the corona days when everyone was stuffed inside their homes, I bought an Amazon Echo device, and little did I know it would be one of the essentials for mom. Now she orders Alexa to play music or listen to recipes, and stream movies, and there’s a pinch of excitement every time she does it. Echo has been a constant with mom, especially when she’s in the kitchen preparing food. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ah! The hate that moms have for this machine is real. They wouldn’t trust anyone with the house cleaning out themselves. We always get to hear this complaint that the vacuum cleaners do not cover the corners, which becomes a big headache for moms. Why have a machine when everyone can do their bit of cleaning and chores and not leave everything for moms?


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