Fan of Barista-worthy coffees? The Coffeeza Finero Machine is for you!


A typical gourmet coffee experience has always been about sipping coffee in a trendy café or purchasing coffee from a store, which is not the best choice when you know that ground coffee begins to lose its flavour and freshness from the moment you open the bag. Being in the middle of a pandemic, we don’t have an option of visiting our favourite café and truth be told, the conventional process of roasting, grinding, and brewing is time-consuming even for someone who is a die-hard coffee lover.

With a couple of Coffee making machines available in the market, you can get a great coffee experience at the comfort of your home or even workplace. One such brand is Coffeeza, founded by a start-up enthusiast and a coffee lover, Rahul Aggrawal with an aim to pave a new way for people to prepare and drink excellent quality coffee. Their product range includes Italian & Belgian coffee in the form of capsules and top-quality coffee machines.

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Coffeeza is imagined and inspired in India however, their gourmet coffees are handpicked from Central & South America, Africa and South-East Asia, and then precisely roasted in Italy and Belgium. All coffee blends are beautifully concocted to match Indian consumers’ taste, texture and preference. They offer three non-flavoured coffee blends – Intenso, Classico & Decaf.

We recently got our hands on their Finero Machine which is a lightweight and sleek machine that can seamlessly fit in any corner of your house or office. The machine has a very simple yet elegant all-black look. It does not have a milk frother, therefore, is ideally suited for lovers of black coffee, and those who prefer a different creamer for their coffee. We’ve been testing this machine for a couple of days, and the extraction technique worked every time, without fail. It’s so convenient and easy to use that it’s not even rude to ask the guests to help themselves.

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Offering two brewing choices, Espresso & Lungo, this machine gives you so many opportunities to enjoy barista-style coffee by the touch of a button. It takes about 45 seconds to heat, a 30 ml coffee shot comes out perfectly well, steaming hot even if you’ve entered water at room temperature. With a built-in Flo-meter and use of pressurized steam, it makes a perfect cup of Italian coffee with a pleasant fruity aroma. Being an avid coffee lover myself, it is really important that the after taste is as good as the taste of the coffee and indeed, it does have an incredible aftertaste that lingers for a while.

The Finero is a perfect match if you’re looking for a new coffee machine for your house or to share it with your friends in the office, or any situation where you get through a lot of coffee. It’s simple, clean, efficient, quick and, day after day, it makes great-tasting coffees with minimal effort. Priced at Rs. 11,499 it is definitely a cheaper alternative to the Nespresso machines. Bonus point, it also supports Nespresso pods!

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