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Nushrat Bharucha Acing Her Way To The Top


There’s no doubt today, that Nushrat Bharucha has proved her mettle. The beautiful and spunky ‘Punchnama’ girl is ruling the hearts of million with her path- breaking acting skills. The leading lady of one of 2018’s biggest hits ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ is also a surety of success. Her roots in acting goes deep down to her father who was a theatre artist himself from whom she got the spine and henceforth it was all sheer talent. The smoldering hot Nushrat is riding high on the success of her latest film. Shot to prominence with Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, which was a total game changer for her, there was no seeing backward and rest is all a star in making. In conversation with Harsha Prerna, she unfolds about her offbeat opinion on the latest conjecture ‘Nepotism’ and all her future endeavors.

Ex: Let’s start with your forthcoming movie, ‘Dream Girl’, tell us a little about that film.
If you have seen the poster, the poster says, Ayushmann Khurrana, in and as ‘Dream Girl’. In that film, Ayushmann is everybody’s dream girl and that’s the film. Now, what is the meaning of that, you will have to watch it in the theatre.

Ex: Looking around, many of your contemporaries are a product of Nepotism. What’s your take towards Nepotism?
I don’t really have a take on it. For me, every actor, every talented individual is who you are. It has nothing to do with, where you come from and what your surname is.  I also feel that people who come from a name and a family actually have a lot of added pressure which we don’t have. Somewhere I feel that, it’s tough for them may be more than it is for us. They have to live up to certain legacies which is really not fair because you should have your own sort of identity. I know that there is a struggle both side, they are in a very different struggle than people who have just entered the industry, but the struggle is still the same. I mean art is very intrinsic to who you are and what you can make and what you put out there. It doesn’t come from lineage. So, basically I have a very different take on nepotism.

Ex: What according to you is the best and the worst thing about being in this profession?
I think the best thing is when someone says you are a great actor. Sometimes that can also be the worst thing because the same people, sometimes think that maybe you are acting even in real life. Maybe when I have an emotional outburst, when I cry, they say it is so easy for you to cry because you are an actress and that just really sucks. People are not able to separate you from your performances and characters. They forget that you are a person who has real emotions too. Only because people have emotions, that is why actors are able to portray it on screen. If real emotions didn’t exist then how could we portray it?

Ex: Talking about social media, we all are well versed with the trolling. What’s the worst troll you ever faced and how do you deal with it in general?
I swear to you, I have not read a single one of them. I don’t indulge in it only. I feel that everybody will have an opinion. The point of the social media is that it gives you a platform on a large scale to be heard, be known, and be seen. So everybody is entitled to have an opinion and everybody is entitled to put it out there. I mean, really, we have a population of people in billions and I don’t think I could be able to even comprehend or figure out what people are going to write or may be change what they have to think. I think some nerve in my brain will just explode if I sit and read all the comments, cause it will all stay in my head and why am I actively choosing to upset myself. So, I put what I have to put it out there and leave it.

Ex: Since you are a ‘Millennial Star’, how well versed are you with the millennial lingo such as OOTD, FOMO, JOMO, etc.
I think FOMO is my most aware thing because I think I suffer from it. I genuinely suffer from FEAR OF MISSING OUT because I feel that now that I have so much more opportunities to do and so many places I want to be at. To be at parties, awards, shoots that I want to do. Oh God! When I am not there I feel like I’m missing out on so much. So yeah trust me the FEAR OF MISSING OUT is very high on my list. And, Oh my God! What is JOMO ( laughs). Joy of missing out.! Yaay..!! I got it right. No, its FEAR absolute FEAR.

Ex: Do you remember the first piece of gadget you ever bought and what had been your most treasured tech?
I think I bought an iPod, really small one that just had music in it. I think that was the first thing I bought even before I bought a phone because music is honestly my soul and  I think I won’t exist if I don’t have music in my life. I used to travel by train to college every day, and in that one hour of Mumbai crowded train madness, I needed the iPod and my music. It had a touch pad where you go round and backward, that was the most tech savvy thing I learnt, where if you do too much pressure of it clockwise you will go five song down and you go anti-clockwise then the volume goes up. And, that is also my most treasured tech.

Ex: Has life changed, after the enormous success of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety?
Oh yes of  course, life has changed immensely actually. I’m busier, I’m doing more work, people love me more, I have a certain market that I have created. To create a space in an already competitive and crowded industry is honeslty something I didn’t really think could have come by me. I mean I knew that I wanted to do great work and keep doing great that. But I didn’t think that I would create certain mass-y market myself which will distinctively be mine. I am very thankful to everybody who have helped me to come this far.

Ex: People binge watch a lot of web series these days, are you willing to be a part of a web series in the near future?
Hundred and twenty percent! I would love to do a web series. I think there are a lot of investment which goes through making a Bollywood film. Honestly, to ask someone to put in that much money to make a film and to be able to recover it, that’s a huge pressure altogether. And, in a time and space like that or just for the mere fact that some stories might as well see the day of life in terms of web series also. What I mean, is that the portal of viewership has increased so much more in dimension that the only thing that brings me happiness is stories and content and creative people who get a see. It’s a great great area to venture into.

Ex: Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety was your fourth collaboration with Luv Ranjan and Kartik Aaryan. How is the camaraderie between all of you
It’s always been great. I think when you see a high and low together and when you have gone through a journey knowing that we don’t have anyone to really support ourselves, pull up through our bad days, we just have to do it on our own, you kind of become a thicker tighter group and I think those memories and those days none of us will ever be able to live again with anybody else. I will definitely cherish them for the rest of my life.

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Ex: Your father, Tanvir Bharucha is also a theatre artist, and even you have been doing theatres before entering Bollywood. Which one according to you is more difficult?
My father loved doing theatre. For me theatres is definitely more difficult. I mean to be that character live for 3 hours straight in front of a live audience where you can see their reaction and you can hear laughter or silence, its scary. And, you don’t have a retake. What if you forget a line! I’ll be dead. Its terrible. I’ll probably freeze and not be able to do anything.

Ex: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
No idea! I don’t set these parameters for myself. I feel like if 10 years back, if I had predicted that in 10 years I want to see myself in a successful film and if that had not happened and what if I had done something else or would have gone somewhere else. I have never been able to set these things. I can just wish and hope that I’m at a place where I’m content with whatever I have achieved and wherever I have reached cause there is no end to it. I think this is the simplest truth of life. I’m living in the moment and more than that wherever I reach at whatever point of time in life I don’t want to sit and think that oh I’ve not achieved this or that. Of course I’ll have regrets, regrets are part of your life and of course I’ll second guess my decisions. But, I feel, I just want to be content and happy with whatever god has given me.

Ex: What are your upcoming projects?
My future endeavours are challenging myself, keep trying and doing new things, do it with same honesty that I have done in all my films because I feel like, if I change as a person, the actor that you see on screen will change and I won’t like myself. And, I won’t expect the world to like me as well. So I’m just gonna hope that I’m able to do that. Future projects that are lined up are “Turram Khan” which is releasing around the end of this year. It’s a Hansal Mehta film which I’m doing with Rajkummar Rao. Right before that, I have “Dream Girl’’ with Ayushmann Khurrana. I’m going to wait, do these two films and see what I’m doing next.


  • One Recent Role which you wish you could have done:
    Black Swan by Natalie Portman or the Gone Girl role. I think they were fantastic.
  • A gadget you can’t live without:
    My smartphone.
  • If not Bollywood then:
    I would be producing something.
  • The most random rumour you heard about yourself:
    There are no rumors about me I swear to you, if you hear one please check with me.
  • Favourite Social Media platform and why:
    Instagram only because it’s very instant.
  • How do you keep yourself real over social media:
    By being me and not thinking about what people are saying.
  • Your leisure hour goes mostly doing:
    Watching a nice film or show on Netflix. I’m a movie person.
  • One thing that you just can’t stand:
    I don’t like being rushed.
  • Deal breaker in relationship:
  • One song on loop:
    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
  • Beach or Mountain:
  • Among your contemporaries, you admire:
    I’m very new, they are far more accomplished than I am but I would say Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.
  • Any regrets:
    A lot! (laughs) You will have to write a whole another article on that.

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