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Sania Mirza Is An Unputdownable Force


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Interviewed | August 2016

There’s a different charm about women who own their game. And if we are talking about these women, Sania Mirza is a standout even among those. Most us have grown up watching her play and absolutely kill it at her favorite sport, tennis. She’s been an inspiration for young minds to become go-getters when it comes to chasing their dream even if they seem unconventional at that point.
A sports woman making a name in history, nationally and internationally, we had a chitchat session with the epitome of dedication and talent and came up with few never known details about Sania – few stuffs she had never talked about or revealed to the world ever before. The moment we knew these, gave us the feel how she is just the girl next door and much like one of us.
Sania Mirza is NOT her name

Yes, you read that right! Sania does have a middle name – Raeesa. She was named after her grandmom. So, call her Sania Raeesa Mirza now onwards, as we revealed it.

Tennis? Come’on, it was supposed to be SWIMMING!

Shocking, isn’t it? Tennis came much later in scene. Sania actually used to swim regularly and wanted to be a swimmer till a certain point of her life. Infact, she was never much into sports – instead, being good at academics, she kept it away from sports! And so, tennis happened by chance.

Tennis and her headmistress…

Thanks to Sania’s headmistress, the nation got such a talented sportsperson. Sania was dedicatedly into academics and sports never used to be her cup of tea. But her headmistress emphasized that she must take tennis up…and the rest, as they say, is history.


Sania Mirza
Bollywood and Sania

Did you know that Sania is so much into Bollywood that she actually needs only Bollywood songs to be played in loop while shooting? Yes, that’s exactly what happened during this photoshoot with us.
Her favorite Bollywood flick is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She is been a huge fan of Akshay Kumar since Mohra days and Madhuri Dixit happens to be her favorite actress. However, right now it’s Kareena Kapoor too whom she likes a lot.

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Sania in Bollywood… anytime soon?

Though she doesn’t totally rule out the idea, she does admit that she is quite shy to act and dance in front of the camera. “I think you should never say never, but as of now I don’t think I want to get into Bollywood” – that’s precisely what Sania told us. Okay girl, we would certainly wait.

What’s tougher than playing tennis!

Guess what is harder for Sania than to play tennis? Doing her hair and makeup for a shoot is more challenging that playing tennis – Sania feels so. Lol, ofcourse. But girl, you look amazing anyway.

The young achiever she is…

Arjuna Award at 18, Padmashri at 20, Honorary degree of Doctors of Letters at 22 and many others afterwards, Sania Mirza is appointed as the brand ambassador of Telengana state by the state government in 2014.

Ace Against Odds – and the purpose?

She wrote the autobiography to shut all those who called her the controversy’s child. It is her way of clarifying all the odds and coming up with only the truth that has happened over the last decade of her career. The autobiography speaks of her struggles her way and reveals her side of the story.

The tech-savvy Sania!
Sania claims to be quite tech savvy and calls herself a winner at it. She adds that though Shoaib loves to try new stuffs, it’s Sania who teaches him how to use it. Whoa, we are impressed!
When both the spouses are sportsperson…
Isn’t it tough to take out time, when both of you are into sports as profession? Sania feels the couple have to take time out for themselves to get things going. She feels that though it is often a difficult situation to manage time, but both she and Shoaib make sure that they manage time somehow to be together. And both of them make sure that they don’t talk about sports at home as it is like bringing work to home. Isn’t that sweet and inspiring?
How love bloomed…
It was back in 2007, there was a match between India and Pakistan, and that is where it all started from – Sania beams as she recalls. However, they have shared the same hotel in 2004 during a cricket match. They didn’t interact much and hardly knew each other back then.
Interestingly, her love for cricket is not due to Shoaib. She had always loved cricket and it’s much before she had actually met him.
Sania’s favorite gadgets
Mac for a laptop, iPhone for a smartphone and Brietling men’s watch as her favorite accessory – Sania certainly stands out in our favorite list.
Her personal likes
Needless to say, like every other girl, she loves shopping. She loves to buy the latest phones (didn’t we tell you she is a techie by heart?), trendy clothes, lots of shoes and bags and more. Do you know Sania has countless number of shoes?
Smart, casual and comfortable – her style statement
Yes, that’s exactly what she feels her style quotient is. On a daily basis on the field, she uses a sunscreen and a Christian Dior compact…and she is ready to rock! Simplicity is the mantra and we love it.
On her lows
Back in 2010, Sania got hurt and was on an off for about 2 months. She had actually thought of giving up as her wrist was badly hurt. It was Shoaib who encouraged her and boosted up her morale. And she fought back…
The love for the sports is what keeps her going. She explains that whatever you are passionate about, fight for it. Even if you get hurt or dejected, come back and fight back because the love for the same would definitely motivate you enough to win at the end.

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