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Vu Launches New Ultra 4K Television – Your New Binge Watch Companion

Vu Televisions

Watch the first ever virtual launch by Vu Televisions here!

With consumer trends seeing new twists and turns in the ‘new normal’, one things is for sure, a lot is going to come our way at the comforts of our home. Holding that spirit, Vu Televisions is set to unveil its latest range – Vu Ultra 4K Televisions at 12:30 pm on YouTube.

This would be a first when it comes to a Television brands’ virtual product  launch across the globe.  The TV comes with an Ultra-edge 4K Display with 40% Enhanced Brightness, Backlight Controller, sports sound mode, Pro-picture Calibration and Parental Block to make your home quarantine experience blissful.

The new Vu 4k Ultra television is available in 4 sizes – 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” in the price range of Rs.25,999.

Vu Televisions

Speaking about the launch, Devita Saraf, Chairperson and CEO, Vu Technologies said, “In the last one month Vu has emerged as the #1 television brand in India. Our new 4K Ultra TV has been designed keeping in mind the needs of our customers who of working from home, binge-watching, and looking at television as an entertainment source for the entire family.”

VU Ultra 4k tv comes with
  1. Ultra-edge 4K Display: Which aims at enhancing brightness making the experience of watching it in daylight worthwhile.
  2. Pro Picture Calibration: It aims to make the viewer more in control of his/her viewing experience by controlling technical aspects such as gamma correction, noise reduction, colour temperature etc.
  3. Sports Surround sound: It claims to enables the viewer immersive experience of a stadium right inside your home.
  4.  Parental Block: With an immense exposure to content these days, this will be an interesting feature for parents and guardians to regulate appropriate content for their children.

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