G-shock is here with its limited-edition timepieces that you just cannot resist!

G Shock Limited Edition Watch - Exhibit

Hello, All the Streetwear Lovers and Anime fans!

I have wonderful news for you. 

Well! Casio India announces a pre-booking offer on the limited edition watch pieces. 

Isn’t that amazing, huh? 

This offer will go live exclusively on the Casio India Shop website from 25 August 2020 until 5 September 2020. 

The two models ‘Places+Faces’ and ‘One Piece’ are an amplification of the G-shock’s ethos of timekeeping toughness and depict the spirit of challenge in its truest form.

G Shock - Exhibit  Tech  Magazine

The ‘Places+Faces’ is an international brand of apparel and photography started by the famous photographers Imran Ciesay and Solomon Boyede (or Ciesay and Soulz, respectively). They began their journey as Tumblr photo bloggers and have now become one of the internationally known streetwear brands with collaborations with artists from around the world. The collaboration with G-shock DW6900 series to present G-Shock X Places+Faces DW6900PF-1 captures the soul of G-shock’s unending revolution and innovation from. It is priced at INR 7,995.

‘One piece’ is claimed to be one of the best anime made ever. With 988 episodes that span over 20 seasons, it has a fan following of its own and is a favorite to many anime lovers. G-Shock has collaborated with One piece, the ultimate watch for all G-shock lovers and crazy anime fans. The G-SHOCK x ONE-PIECE GA-110JOP-1A4DR is priced at INR 13,995.

Visit the Casio India Shop website ( to find more about the oomph collection from G-shock and here is the link for their social media handles – @gshock_in (Instagram) and @casiogshockindia (Facebook).


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