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Apple Watch Series 6 Leaks: What the latest Apple wearable will offer?

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On September 8, Apple revealed the details of the 15 September ‘Time Flies’ event, in which the Apple Watch 6 is widely expected to make its debut along with the new iPads. 

Due to the gathering constraints during COVID-19, it seems the event will be a video presentation, close to what Apple put together for the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Here’s what all Series 6 Watch could really bring to your wrist.


The latest Watch may be thinner due to the possible inclusion of a MicroLED display but it will most certainly deliver the familiar shape effect, square frame, and rounded edges we have learned and enjoyed over the past few years.

Digital Crown

It is speculated that the Digital Crown will be redesigned by Apple. This stands out as a characteristic part of the design on a product with very little physical specifics – a little like the Home button on older iPhones and the notch on newer ones and we’d be surprised to see it totally vanish, but it’s obviously on the table.  

Apple is considering the use of light sensors as a navigational control instead of, or as well, the rotation of the Digital Crown. The company has gone as far as filing for a patent, which AppleInsider has discussed in detail. You may sweep your finger around the watch’s Crown-less edge-or across the rim of a non- or partly rotating dial, whether they want to keep it-and navigate through menus that way.


Improved performance and water resistance

Although all of the current Apple Watch Series features PI-made circuit boards, the Series 6 boasts an LCP flexible circuit board that is expected to offer an increase in performance-something missing from the current Series 5 relative to Series 4, with the only real changes being an integrated compass and an always-on display. 

The Apple Watch Series 6 should feature not only enhanced performance but also improved water resistance-if it is to be believed that there is a research note from the famed Ming-Chi Kuo (and considering its track record, they are generally!).

MicroLED Display

The Apple Watch’s OLED monitor is a power drain, and that’s partially why Apple is speculated in the next-gen Apple Watch to dump OLED tech. Citing sources with knowledge of Apple’s supply chain plans, the chinese site Economic Daily News says a microLED display would appear in the Apple Watch Series 6.

Longer Battery Life

This year the Apple Watch would most likely get a bigger battery. Apart from being one of the most requested features, there were lots of speculation heating up this, as well as a few secret hints in the WatchOS 7 beta.

Anxiety Monitoring

Nikias Molina – backed by Jon Prosser – said we should expect Series 6 to include anxiety monitoring (or “Mental Health Abnormality Detection” to use the exact phrasing of Molina).

In-screen Touch ID

The next Apple Watch could have improved protection in the form of a Touch ID, but unlike the iPad and Mac, it would be integrated into the display itself directly.


The Apple Watch Series 6 comes pre-installed with watchOS 7. Any other Apple Watches still in use will be eligible to use it as a free update, but this year’s Series 2 loses out: it’s for Series 3 and beyond.

WatchOS 7 adds sleep monitoring, different styles of exercises and more customization options to your Apple Watch face: you can now add several complexities from a single app and ‘share’ a face with one of your contacts.


The Apple Watch is available in two sizes and multiple finishes with a wide range of bands to select from, and the price is decided by the combination you pick. 

Although the price of Apple Watch has been marginally fluctuating due to local currency volatility, new models of Apple Watch appear to cost the same as their predecessors. We believe that Apple will forward the same Series 5 pricing to Series 6.

Head to tomorrow for the event ‘Time Flies’.



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