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Oraimo Tempo 2 Fitness Band Review


With a wearables fitness trackers of all kinds available at different price points, the competition between wearable tech vendors can be getting more complex. We take a look at the Oraimo Tempo 2 Fitness band from Oraimo, sub-brands of TRANSSION Holdings.

The Oraimo Tempo 2 has a detachable strap that can be pulled off to reveal a USB plug for charging on the tracker unit itself. We have previously seen similar other fitness trackers in this price range with similar designs. This means that the tracker can be charged by plugging it directly into any USB charger or USB port on a laptop. Once done with charging, the strap can be attached and there is no chance of it falling out. The fitness tracker is light in weight and its silicone strap was extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. The buckle is similar to other fitness trackers and there are holes to suit a wide range of wrist sizes.

The fitness band has a 0.96-inch IPS multi-colour display with bigger fonts making it clear to read-out. It also offers some smartwatch functionalities, such as phone calls, messaging, social media notifications and email alerts. One of the highlights of this fitness band is the IP67 rating, making it water and dust resistant. We submerged the watch and it was unaffected by water, it even worked fine after we submerged it in water for about five minutes at a stretch.

Operating the device was also easy. The initial screen shows time, date, battery status and heart rate. Tapping on the device moves it to a different screen, stats like steps, calorie burnt, heartbeat count, kilometre walked, and many more which is required for fitness. The fitness band can be connected to the phone with a JoyWear 2 app, which can store the fitness data automatically. We found it easy to set up the app on both Android and iPhone. You can also start your tracking sessions from within the app, and the settings allow you to change exactly how the band works – you can select which apps can send you notifications. The JoyWear 2 app does exactly what you need to track your fitness. Battery life is pretty good – runs for four days with a single charge.

Overall, we’re fairly pleased with the Oramio Tempo 2. It’s reliable enough as an activity tracker, it has a colourful display and good battery life, and it sells at a reasonable price of Rs. 2,999. It offers a good fitness-tracking experience, but if you’re looking for a relatively basic device that’s attractive, and cheap, it may suit you just fine.

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