Hitting the right notes of Nostalgia: Timex T80 x PAC-MAN

Timex T80 x Pac Man - Exhibit Magazine

Smartwatches are game-changers for living our best life – from counting footsteps to monitoring heart rates, these high tech timepieces do it all. But are you missing out on those cool watches from your youth? Perhaps it’s your very first watch’s sentimental connection, or just the old-school look that adds some big flare to your daily style, there’s plenty to tell about a good throwback wristwatch.

Timex, in celebration of PAC-MAN’s 40th anniversary as pop culture and video game icon, has launched a special edition of the T80 that features PAC-MAN right on the watch face. It is available in three colour options – Gold, Silver, and Black.

The Timex T80 x PAC-MAN has a square-shaped digital dial carried over from the standard T80 but what really sets this one apart from its rivals is its finishing – the dial has slightly rounded edges making it look less harsh and more stylish. Especially, the black colour model looks super cool and chic with a matte surface, softly rounded bezels, and mirror-polished bracelets.

Timex T80 x Pac Man - Exhibit Tech Magazine India

The digital dial of the Timex T80 x PAC-MAN features a simple LCD display with wide bezels on both sides. These wide bezels are the main highlight of this special edition as it features PAC-MAN and the four ghosts chasing around dots just how you saw it in the game. Similarly, the watch sports a playfully carved PAC-MAN on its stainless steel back and bracelet clasp too.

Timex T80 x Pac Man watch - Exhibit Tech Magazine

In addition to all the normal features you find in the Timex T80 watch, such as stopwatch, Indiglo lighting, and alarm, this special edition watch plays the iconic PAC-MAN melody just at a push of a button adding an extra layer of kitschy fun. It makes for a well-rounded timepiece that wears just as well in 2020 as it has been since the heyday of arcade games.

The Timex T80 x PAC-MAN retails at Rs. 5995/– and is available exclusively at and Amazon India.


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