We are always on the hunt for passionate folks who can jump on board and steer the ship onward.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t give away donuts at work place and no free beers. But you can always bring one along and have it once that to-do list for the day is checked out. No questions asked.

Exhibit is a place where work turns into fun, intense meetings turn into path-breaking ideas and colleagues turn into a family. If you’re ready to bring your thoughts and ideas to the table and are all set to sweat it out together, we may just have found the place for you.
But, if technology, automobiles and the lifestyle surrounding it is not your first true love, unfortunately, you’ve been sneaking around in the wrong place. We are as old school as a century old print magazine, for which we still have growing eyes and ears (we trust you enough to tell you, it’s in lakhs and growing everyday), but we are also in tune with just about all the latest trends – be it robotics, AI or even decoding the way future media will be consumed.

We have a few spots waiting for you to grab on to. All you have to hit us up and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you think your vibe resonates with ours, drop in a mail at careers@exhibit.co.in.

Do write the job role you’re applying for in the Subject and send across your resume along with your social media handles (LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook – you know how this generation works, don’t you?)

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