It all began in May 2005, when Exhibit Magazine was founded by Ramesh Somani in the city of Kolkata. As things paced up, Exhibit HQ shifted to Mumbai. Today, it’s one of the most respected names in the world of Tech and Lifestyle Media with a resonating tagline that also forms the DNA and core fabric of whatever Exhibit does – Where Tech meets Lifestyle.

2020 was also the start of something new as BBC TopGear was acquired by Exhibit Group for Indian territory – the world’s biggest motoring brand.

As you know, TopGear needs no introduction. It is the most creative motoring magazine in the world, delivering world-class editorial and commercial content to a global audience of TopGear fans and motoring enthusiasts.

PRINT – which stands tall at more than 5 lakh readers every month.

DIGITAL – which is where you are reading this – Social, Events, IPs & Video formats. Whether it’s CES Las Vegas or our own Tech Fashion Tour – we are on a path to decoding the future.

Where It Started…

Exhibit Magazine over the course of its 17+ years strongly stands as India’s prime-selling magazine which sets forth a stunning unison of Tech and Lifestyle. Over this time span, it has broadened its reach and delved into various avenues like Tech, Auto, Fashion, and Lifestyle – both in the digital, print, and on-field markets. The content is fresh, authentic, and creative that not only manages to intrigue the niche audience but also appeals to the masses.

The Core (and secret) Ingredient at Exhibit

Exhibit positions itself at the heart of technology of all things under the sky. Taking note of the fact that technology is one of the most integral parts of our everyday life, it by default becomes the core of the evolution and up-gradation of the same. It also escalates our belief in bringing about a staggering revolution through and through technology. Expanding into the diverse fields of technology and automobiles (Exhibit became a renowned name in all leading industries very quickly.

Major IPS under Exhibit group-

Exhibit Tech Awards:

An almanac award gathering that impeccably highlights the best that technology has to offer. With its inception in 2014, the Awards have grown to become the country’s biggest Tech Awards amidst the chaotic competition manages to shine the spotlight on those technological innovations that deserve it.

Tech Fashion Tour:

The perfect example of Exhibit’s essence lies in this event where Fashion and technology come together to put on an exclusive special show that tingles the interests of both industries. TFT stands as one of our biggest and most awaited events of all year.

BBC Topgear India Magazine Awards

An annual event that sets the pace for the year to come for Exhibit as we accelerate the best of automobile brands by acknowledging and appreciating their performance so far. This one is for the petrolheads and really close to our hearts.


With the influence of age and era, we built up the first of its kind – influencer award show that accommodates the Top 100 Digital Influencers of the year. With just one edition in hand, we sure got trending big time. With influencers taking over the world wide web, Exhibit has one of the largest Influencer Marketing Divisions that has, in less than a year, made the biggest name across the country. Working with the biggest brands alongside the best of influencers across the globe, Exhibit has brought their A-game when it comes to the social media world.

Keeping Up With Trends- Exhibit Productions 

The exhibit has an innate need of adapting trends and implement them successfully. With the digitalization era, Exhibit started its in-house venture – Exhibit Productions, in 2018, that spread across production, conceptualization, execution, post-production, advertising, PR, sales and marketing gives you a one-of-a-kind output.