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Crypto Influencer: Changpeng Zhao aka CZ!

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Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, is the founder and CEO of Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange that’s been the largest globally, within only around 180 days. The Chinese-Canadian coder designed high-frequency trading systems for Wall Street. CZ is now a prolific capitalist with such an excellent record of profitable start-ups. He launched Binance in July 2017 and, it became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. He spent his time making burgers before studying at McGill University in Montreal. In 2005, CZ left his position as Head of Bloomberg Tradebook Futures Research & Development Team & relocated to Shanghai to launch Fusion Systems. He soon learned about Bitcoin and joined as Head of Technology. An expert in blockchain and trading systems, CZ has developed Binance into the leading blockchain ecosystem.


The story of Binance is expressed by the hundreds of other people who created its foundation, and also the millions that trade on the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange. He later discovered Bitcoin in 2013 during a poker game, and after he decided to go all-in with crypto by giving his life to it. He even sold his home to buy Bitcoin. But when the price of BTC fell from $600 to $200 at the time of his purchase of BTC, he mounted. Although CZ might have gone everything to Bitcoin, you might not have to sell your flat to buy Bitcoin.

After becoming a technology pioneer there in crypto wallet provider Blockchain as well as the crypto exchange OKCoin, CZ invested in creating its very own exchange, merging the strong trading platform in which it built with the promise of crypto. As a result, Binance released an ICO of $15 million. He also spearheaded Binance’s creation of an exchange that provides high volumes of low rates and diverse opportunities for consumers. In just a brief period, Binance’s platform demonstrated too appealing for the crypto community to face ongoing challenges. Within only 6 months after its launch, Binance soared to No. 1 throughout the Crypto Exchange rankings and maintains that status even today.

  • Significant Increase after Decentralization

Also with the pole position in place, CZ saw the Binance exchange as a phase one in a wider crypto ecosystem that offers offerings to several crypto-related demands and potential. This included significant steps, such as the launching of a decentralized exchange named Binance DEX and the implementation of the Binance Chain blockchain, as well as the launch of Futures and Margin trading on the network, placing it in competitive advantage with much more platforms.

Thanks to CZ’s energy, intensity, and determination that spreads to an entire organization, that is now 1,000+ powerful and distributed across over 40 countries, representing 180+ territories around the world.

Binance is a global leader in Blockchain Industry giving hope to the crypto future, crypto savings, and a crypto life!

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