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how did crypto kitties emerge as a game changer for NFT?

NFTs have hit the era thanks to CryptoKitties. It’s a blockchain-based virtual game where players can implement, raise, and trade virtual cats. On a blockchain, cats were introduced worth millions. This awesome project appeared on every news channel. Maybe it was because the game was saturating and slowing down the Ethereum blockchain, or was it because people made insane profits. The rise of CryptoKitties combined with the 2017 cryptocurrency bull market, fanning the flames. People bought breeding and trading virtual cats at an astonishing rate. Many people became mindful of the possibility of non-fungible tokens as a result of this.

Blockchain games are considered to have unique advantages over traditional online games in that their gaming data and logic are transparently stored and executed on blockchains . These advantages particularly suit games with in-game payment and chance mechanisms, e.g., gambling, which often suffered from trust issues in traditional online environment. As a result, current designs of blockchain games mainly revolve around the generation, ownership, and trading of virtual assets.

Nonetheless, most of the current blockchain games lack playability. Possible reasons include that current blockchain platforms restrict developers from implementing complex game functions, current developers are paying insufficient attention to the players’ gaming experience, and lack a competitive market in the blockchain game industry. Not surprisingly, the popularity of CryptoKitties only lasted for a short period, too.

Gaming Rules

CryptoKitties game has five smart contracts: the Core contract, GeneScience contract, Offers contract, SalesAuction contract, and SiringAuction contract. The names of these contracts could be found on Etherscan. Based on these contracts, players can trade or transfer kitties with other players and breed new kitties.

2018–2019 — NFTs Prosper

The NFT environment expanded rapidly in 2018 and 2019. There are now over 100 projects in space and more on the way. NFT marketplaces are prospering, with OpenSea and SuperRare gaining ground. The trade volumes are small in comparison to other crypto markets, but they are growing very fast and have come a long way. As Web3 wallets such as Metamask continue improving, it is easier to integrate the NFT ecosystem. Characters (similar to domains), plot lines of virtual land, virtual apparel, event opening tickets, asteroid mining resources, and other functionalities are now readily accessible for NFTs.

The numerous NFT games and projects that are collaborating to make items easily deployable are by far the most exciting development in the space. For instance –, suppose a player in one game has a dagger that can be transferred to the next game and converted into a rare piece of fabric. The possibilities are truly limitless with integrations. 2021 is the year NFTs are the future in the blockchain era with accelerated growth, innovation, and progression.

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