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Things That Will Make You Nostalgic About Your Summer Vacations In India!

Summer vacations were crazy times! Before the responsibilities of the world took over our lives, a prominent time which we all looked forward to were the summer vacations. The mere mention of those days is enough to take me back to my childhood when my days consisted of sunshine, ice cream, and endless hours of playing outdoors with friends. 

As I sit here reminiscing about those long-gone days, I can’t help but feel a twinge of nostalgia creeping up on me. So, without further ado, here are some things that will make you nostalgic about your summer vacations in our vibrant country:


If you grew up in India, you know that summer vacations meant one thing – mango season. Those sweet, juicy, yellow fruits were the highlight of our summer days. We would devour them in all forms – raw, ripe, in shakes, and even as pickles. The mere sight of a basket of mangoes would make our mouths water, and we would spend hours arguing about which variety was the best. Luckily, the novelty of enjoying mangoes remains unchanged to this day. 

Power cuts

Yes, you read that right. Power cuts may seem like an inconvenience, but they were an integral part of our summer vacations. When the heat became too much to bear, and the electricity went out, we would light candles and gather around to play games and share stories. It was like a mini-adventure, and we looked forward to it as much as we did our regular summer activities.

Road trips

Summer vacations meant long, meandering road trips with the family. We would pack our bags, fill up the car with snacks, and hit the road, singing songs and playing games all the way. Whether it was a trip to the hills or a visit to a relative’s place, road trips were always an adventure.

Summer camps

If you were lucky enough to attend a summer camp, you know how much fun they were. From learning new skills to making new friends, summer camps were an excellent way to spend your vacation. I still remember the thrill of sleeping in a tent, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, and going on long hikes in the woods.

Monsoon showers

The arrival of the monsoon showers was a much-awaited event during our summer vacations. We would eagerly wait for the first drops of rain to fall, and then rush outside to dance in the rain. The smell of wet earth, the sound of thunder, and the sight of lightning were all magical moments that we still cherish.

Family time

Perhaps the best thing about summer vacations was the quality time we got to spend with our families. With no school to worry about and no homework to do, we could relax and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it was playing board games, watching movies, or simply chatting, family time was always special. Most of my days in summer vacation were spent in the town of Hadapsar in Pune City where my grandparents used to live. The things they taught me have allowed me to become the person I am today, thus the importance of family time cannot be underestimated. 

As I come to the end of this piece, I realize that I could go on and on about the things that make me nostalgic about my summer vacations, but that is also cause I do not get to enjoy them anymore. From the banters on the cricket field to the taste of roadside chaat, there are so many memories that I hold dear.

So, if you’re feeling nostalgic too, take a trip down memory lane, and relive those carefree days. Who knows, you might even rediscover some forgotten treasures that will bring a smile to your face.

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