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Coffeeza One Touch Automatic Coffee Maker – Review

coffeeza coffee machine

Making The Best Mornings

In my 23 years of existence, I’ve found nothing better than a cup of fresh brew first thing in the morning. One cannot deny that Coffee is one of the most energising elixirs. Whether you like it with a splash of sugar and milk or just straight-up black, the surge of caffeine coursing through your veins is just something!

Having a coffee machine in your kitchen and at your workplace makes your work a lot easier. You are running late for work, and you missed your Coffee? No worries, you know you have one at your workstation. Coffeeza Coffee Maker is a compatible device that instantly delivers coffee with just one touch.

Feeling The Coffeeza Machine

The machine feels like a shotgun that can be dismantled into different sections to fill up water, milk and coffee capsules. There is a separate vessel at the back of the machine where you can fill up water. Milk has to be filled in a much smaller plastic cask at the front, just beside the touch panel, followed by a slide at the bottom to stream milk directly in the coffee cup. On top of the machine, you have a plastic base that can be lifted up to insert coffee pods of your choice. 

Once you are set, you can insert the plug in a switch and press one of three functions – half cup, 3/4th, and a full cup option. In no time, the machine delivers you a hot cup of coffee, just as you like it.

The Outlook

Talking about the machine, the outlook gives quite a premium feel and is neither small nor too big. It is made of a suitable plastic material which is very easy to clean. I did not face any trouble in separating each part for cleaning or assembling it. The coffee machine does not make a lot of noise, unlike many appliances, and goes smooth with the tone while preparing Coffee. 

One big drawback with capsule operated devices is that these capsule pods cannot be recycled. You have to regularly stock them up to avoid running out of your routine coffee, which ultimately increases expense per cup. But on the bright side, you save yourself from grinding beans, cleaning up and more. The machine uses a high performing 20 bar pressure pump to extract coffee with indulgent layers of crema. It has three present brewing functions that allow you to brew a Cappuccino, Espresso or Lungo at one touch. 

You can get the machine for 32,999 from the Coffeeza website, and along with the machine, you get 60 capsules free. 

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