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Mi Band 6 Overview: Enhanced Health Indicators

Mi Band 6 Review

It’s MY band. A band that can keep me health conscious. The way health consciousness has captured the world is interesting. And, why won’t it be considering that one single virus and its constant and notorious mutation has clearly brought frustrations? Now, you just can’t open an e-Commerce store and order some heavy machines to use at home. Hence, you need something lightweight and easy to carry and track your health profile. For this purpose, the new Mi Band 6 can help you out. To know more about this new wristband, Exhibit is ready to take you on a Mi Band 6 overview.

Color Funk & Display

Jony Ive’s perception about colors in the movie JOBS and bringing them into the real world was correct. And, Mi Band 6 correctly follows this principle. This new band can offer you a wide range of color variants (a total of six). So, you can choose the choice that renders the funk quotient through olive, black, blue, orange, yellow, and ivory. All these colors comply with the latest styles. In addition to this, Mi Band 6 has a larger AMOLED display of 326 PPI (50% more than Mi Band 5). This display helps you to set a background theme. Pick a picture that you want to see every day whenever you wear this smart band.

SpO₂ Tracking

Economics tracks inflation in the form of demand and supply. The price of anything can go up if the demand increases or the supply goes down. And, humanity never thought that oxygen could become a part of economics. The way the second wave hit and brought the gigantic catastrophe, you would have understood the importance of oxygen. But, the new Mi Band 6 has taken care of this by providing appropriate biological sensors that can track SpO₂ is commendable

Breathing When You Sleep

Breathing is important. Don’t you think? Ask Hrithik Roshan, who survived scuba diving in ZNMD. Well, Mi Band 6 has worked a lot on your breathing monitoring. Even when you are sleeping? What? Yeah, this new band can track your breathing during your sleep and evaluate your breathing score.

I Know When My Heart Rate is Pumping More

That’s just amazing, considering how the sensors and other equipment in this gadget can check out what you are doing. Before going to bed, you can check when the heartbeat rate was more compared to other times when it was low. For all these things, you can give credit to its activity intelligence feature.

MY Band is MY Trainer

Ohh Yes. If this is what you are looking for, Mi Band 6 is the perfect option. This new band has acquired the power of 30 fitness modes. If you think of Zumba, HIIT, pilates, etc., you get them here apart from normal exercises. Mi Band 6 can shrink the world of many trainers who are there out on YouTube and other platforms. In addition to this, the technology inducted in this gadget can automatically track your six fitness modes.

Mi Band 6

Stylish Design, Advanced Health Monitoring System, and Sophistication are the most crucial elements of Mi Band 6.

Water Resistance & Stroke Recognition

Al Pacino, you are no more El classico. Why? Mi Band 6. This new band has a 5 ATM waterproofing rating. What does it mean? It means if you are in Goa, Florida, or Gold Coast, buy this band and get ready for your swimming experience on beaches. Apart from this, it helps to track your swimming time as well due to stroke recognition.

Magnetic Charging

Mi Band 6 comes with magnetic charging. In addition to this, the battery that Mi has added to it is simply commendable. It is because it can have a battery life of 5 days after heavy use. That’s a whopping figure for sure. Get ready to give a standing ovation to this 125mAh Lithium polymer battery.

Launch Date & Price

If you are not a curious cat but a human, you must have started opening a new tab in your browser to check its release date. Well, hurry up. Set a reminder on your smartphone for tomorrow. Ohh! Great. 12 July is the date when this new band will hit the Indian market. But wait? Can price hit you badly? No, not at all. It’s just INR 4490/-.

Mi Band 6 Overview – Conclusion

That is something cool coming out. Well, such a rich set of features can enlarge the eyes of this band’s competitors. So, till the time, nothing new comes out, Mi Band 6 will have the monopoly due to features and traits.

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