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Trell App Review: Treading on Growth With Limits

Trell App Review

Coordinate geometry may have been a tussle for many. However, if you ask someone to find a midpoint between two points, they will find it. But what is the midpoint of YouTube and Nykaa? The answer is Trell. Well, it is somewhere less than YouTube and more than Nykaa. Why? You have an app where you can make vlogs and buy your cosmetic products. But, why are you reading about Trell? This app has recently raised 45 million USD (somewhere around INR 335.3 Cr/- ). Wow, that’s a whopping figure. Let’s learn about this Trell app, which was hidden somewhere and got more recognition after the funding news through this article.

About Trell App

The very first time if you search about this app, Wikipedia can serve you with vital information related to it. According to Wikipedia, it is an online portal based on lifestyle socialization. If you want to download it, you need to open the Application Store on your smartphone. Now get info related to food, beauty, personal care, movie reviews, etc., through this platform. 

Where is it top-notch?

Trell brings the concept of visualization among the people. There are different sections, using which you can find videos – trending, hashtags, and followers. You can select the language in which you want to see a specific video. I have attached the screenshots of selecting language and choosing a different section for a better app tour. Trell lets you watch a wide range of videos related to anything and everything. So, you may find something quite relevant to you and as per your taste. Trell also provides a space from where you can start making tutorials. If you want to become a vlogger, Trell has provided a 4-stage methodology, ranging from Beginner, Advanced, Pro, and Get Certified. However, you must know that you cannot jump to any stage without finishing the previous ones.

Trell App Brands

Limited Brands

Trell App Hashtags

Exploring Videos Through Hashtag Section

Trell App Language

Language Options

Trell App Videos

Playing Videos

It has Lacunae too

Well, here, you may feel some fear. When I thought about downloading this app, I saw the rating as 4. I thought this is what I needed. But, the main complaint is about the delay in delivery if someone is buying any product from the app. In addition to this, there are very limited brands (including Mamaearth, Wow, Lakme, Plum, and Biotique) when it comes to exploring the Trell online store. If you think that there is a section for face, hair, and lips, then halt yourself. Because even here, the products are basically related to these brands. The biggest problem with the app is that you cannot delete your account from the app. What? How to delete a Trell account? Well, for this, you need to write an email to And, lastly, you will constantly get notifications that this app is draining out your battery.

Conclusion – Trell App Review

Trell app has no doubt the potential to become a dashing platform that has almost everything. But, considering the years since its inception, it is not easy to digest the fact, they have not empowered and enhanced their store.

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