Review of NoiseFit Origin Smartwatch: Style, Functionality
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NoiseFit Origin Smartwatch Review

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The NoiseFit Origin smartwatch has been making waves in the wearable tech industry with its blend of style, functionality, and health-related features. From its premium design to its cutting-edge Nebula UI and dedicated fitness options, this smartwatch captures the attention of users looking for a versatile wearable device. That’s why we decided to review and dive deep into its features and build the NoiseFit Origin.

Checkout the review of Noisefit Origin Smartwatch with Nebula UI

Design and Display

The NoiseFit Origin smartwatch is not just about looks. It features a practical 1.46-inch circular AMOLED display encased in a premium-looking metal body design. The functional crown located on the side of the device enables effortless navigation through the menu options, providing a smooth user experience. Additionally, the smartwatch is equipped with a dedicated workout button, offering convenient and swift access to a range of fitness features and activities. The smartwatch we received comes with a leather strap, which enhances the luxurious appearance and tactile sensation of the product, but working out with a leather strap can attract sweat and, with prolonged wear, can give foul odours. Apart from design, the smartwatch has excellent resistance to water and dust, ensuring durability in various environmental conditions.


The Noisefit Origin smartwatch is the first Noise smartwatch to feature the all-new Nebula UI. It has certainly improved from the previous UI design and offers smooth transitions and a gradient finish all over the UI. This is made possible with the En1 processor, which offers smooth navigation across the UI. While using the UI, we sometimes notice a bit of jitter but can perform all the tasks without issue. The rotating crown is precise and able to control the UI, giving haptic feedback while rotating through the menu.

Health Tracking Features

The NoiseFit Origin smartwatch is a health enthusiast’s dream. It is equipped with a range of health-related sensors to provide you with health monitoring. These sensors include heart rate monitoring, SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring, and sleep monitoring, allowing you to keep track of your vital health metrics throughout the day. With over 10 sports modes to choose from, you can accurately track your workouts and activities. The smartwatch also features a daily activity tracker to monitor overall physical activity levels. Additionally, it offers guided breathing features to help you relax and manage stress, making it a complete health companion for your daily life.

Calling and Battery Life

noisefit origin calling Feature

The Noise Origin smartwatch is equipped with a Bluetooth calling feature, allowing users to make and receive calls directly from their wrist. In addition to this, the smartwatch also features a dial pad and the ability to set favorite contacts for quick and easy access. However, one limitation of the device is that it does not provide the option to save contacts directly from the smartwatch or to initiate calls with contacts from the phone’s contact list.

The smartwatch’s battery life is advertised to last seven days on a single charge, providing users with extended usage between charges. However, with Bluetooth calling enabled, the battery life is reduced to approximately three days, which is something to keep in mind for users who heavily rely on this feature.


The NoiseFit Origin smartwatch offers a blend of style, functionality, and health-related features. With its premium design, beautiful display, and dedicated fitness options, it offers users looking for a versatile smartwatch. While the new Nebula UI and health tracking features enhance its appeal, the Bluetooth calling feature and battery life provide added convenience, along with some limitations. Overall, the NoiseFit Origin smartwatch presents a compelling option for individuals seeking a comprehensive wearable device for both daily use and fitness tracking.

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