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Strange Object on Australian Beach Sparks Chandrayaan-3 Speculation

According to the Australian Space Agency, a massive metal object that appeared on a beach near Jurien Bay in Western Australia might belong to a space launch vehicle from an unidentified country.

The Guardian reported that the copper-coloured cylinder was discovered in a significantly damaged condition, leaning to one side. Images of the cylinder depict weathering and several barnacles adhered to its surface, suggesting prolonged exposure to the ocean.

Initially considering the object as hazardous, the Western Australia police later stated that it had been analyzed by the fire department’s chemistry centre, affirming its safety and ensuring no immediate risk to the community. However, further assessments are required before conclusive determinations can be made.

Science Alert raised the possibility that the rocket component could be linked to the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), specifically its third-stage booster. A comparison between an image of engineers handling the PSLV’s third stage and the washed-up object reveals some resemblance.

Nevertheless, it remains unconfirmed whether the object is indeed part of an Indian launch vehicle, and the Australian Space Agency has not provided explicit confirmation of this possibility. Further investigation is necessary to ascertain the true nature and origin of the object.

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