Noise Launches Women's Health Tracking Features on Luna Ring
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Noise Launches Revolutionary Women’s Health Tracking Features on Luna Ring

Luna Ring

Noise, India’s premier smartwatch and lifestyle brand, has unveiled advanced women’s health tracking features for its flagship Luna Ring. This update aims to deliver personalised menstrual health insights and predictions, addressing the diverse needs of women with varying menstrual patterns. By providing precise and personalised health data, this enhancement marks a significant step toward comprehensive wellness.

The women’s health sector, particularly menstrual health, faces considerable challenges. Many women experience irregular periods, PCOS, and other menstrual-related issues that are often overlooked due to a lack of education and societal taboos. A recent Noise survey revealed that 82% of women acknowledge they have menstrual health issues, demonstrating high self-awareness.

However, only 7% have been educated about these issues, highlighting a significant information gap. Moreover, 26.3% of women feel embarrassed discussing menstrual issues with their families, 68.1% believe men in their lives lack understanding of menstrual health, and 71% think discussing menstruation is taboo in college or the workplace. Notably, 35% of obese women have PCOS, a condition often undetected by traditional health trackers.

To address these challenges, Noise has introduced a comprehensive women’s health feature on the Luna Ring. Recognising the importance of menstrual health in overall wellness, Noise has enhanced the Luna Ring’s capabilities to provide tailored insights for women.

Luna Ring

Key features of this update include:

Period and Symptom Tracker – Users can log their periods, track past cycles, and record various symptoms. The feature also allows for the logging of period flow intensity, enabling the Luna Ring to better understand individual menstrual health.

Smart Period Predictions – Using patterns, basal temperatures, SPO2 levels, and other biomarkers, the Luna Ring offers smart predictions about fertile days and upcoming periods. With continuous use, the predictions adapt to individual cycle changes, providing personalised insights.

Luna AI Assistance – Menstrual health can be complex, and some questions may feel too private to ask. Luna AI provides confidential and secure answers to common queries about menstrual cycles, ensuring users receive accurate information while maintaining privacy.

The Luna Ring is designed to enhance daily performance with best-in-class features. Boasting 98.2% accuracy (validated by Olympic coaches) and a fighter jet-grade titanium body, it tracks over 70 body metrics. From activity and readiness to sleep quality, the Luna Ring provides meaningful insights to help users unlock their full potential.

More than just a smart ring, the Luna Ring promotes self-discovery, encouraging users to understand their bodies and overcome challenges. By seamlessly integrating technology into a minimal yet meaningful form, the Luna Ring transforms data into actionable intelligence for a productive lifestyle. Recently, Noise has incorporated Artificial Intelligence and stress-tracking features into the Luna Ring, elevating it as a personalised health companion.

Additionally, Noise acquired the AI-powered women’s wellness platform SocialBoat to enhance Luna Ring’s advanced health and fitness metrics and accelerate its innovation in the smart ring space. Available in seven sizes and five colours – Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black – customers can choose their preferred Luna Ring from and select retail stores.

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