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The OLED Tech ft. LG G2 X Mercedes Maybach S580

Life has to progress towards grandeur, from essentials to extraordinary; our possessions define our journey. Technology only improves with time, while luxury defies time, like the Mercedes Maybach, which is the epitome of luxury. While the G2 65” 4K Smart OLED evo TV is a sleek luxury piece-of-art addition to your pads with an infinite contrast ratio, powerful α9 Gen5 AI Processor and 4K 120Hz panel with VRR support that enables the best sources technology has on offer today and tomorrow. There is something common between these two which is the OLED tech, and that’s what has triggered us to get these two together.

We tried our best to get to know about both these products and summed up all our experiences for you. The LG OLED TV has a show-stopping silhouette design that blends into your wall, which once seemed impossible. Once you turn on the Gallery Mode to showcase the works of reclaimed artists, your guest will get confused about whether it is a TV or wallpaper as the colours, details, and textures are surreally like the real thing. Believe it or not, it is the slimmest and sleekest TV in the current market. It has one of the best and brightest displays I’ve ever seen, witnessed, and used. The 65-inch TV is priced at 330k in India and arrives with an LGs latest evo panel which offers outstanding picture quality, but you want to know what the best part of having an OLED is?

The iconic TV has minimal borders that are hard to measure and detect. A week back, I was watching a show on the National Geographic channel, and due to the bezel-less display, at one point, I thought I was right there with the forest rangers and wildlife photographers, literally. Now, if you ask me how you define the epitome of luxury? I would say by experiencing it. The Mercedes S-580 Maybach has everything you would practically expect from a luxury sedan, thanks to the rich history it carries. The S-580 Maybach is one of the best cars in the world and oozes opulence from every angle.

The car offers excellent under-thigh support, cushions behind your head with a heating option, and a large 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen, which allows you to control practically all car functions. It resonates with class and derives a sense of aristocracy like no other thing in the world can provide.

While the 65-inch 4K Smart OLED display of the LG TV offers everything, you could ask from a TV. The 4K resolution of the TV is paired with the self-lighting pixels, which gives us incredible infinite contrast and perfect black levels. Thanks to tonnes of format support and AI trickery making, this TV is as desirable as the luxuries on wheels. The picture quality of the TV is simply perfect, just like the rear seat experience of the Maybach S-580. When you’re in the backseat of the Maybach S-580, you are spoilt, and getting out of the seat is going to be a tough challenge. The car’s ambient lighting turns the darkest of nights into an occasion.

The Burmester music system transforms the cabin into your personal grandeur entertainment setup. I love how the speakers dramatically pop in and out each time you pause or resume your music. Watching sports along with your friends or family increases your adrenaline level but to enjoy sports matches in a group setting, you need to have a TV that offers wide viewing angles. The LG G2 TV supports Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 120Hz with a 0.1ms response time, along with great colours and black levels. The TV is the top choice for gamers as it has features for gamers who want it all, even if they aren’t likely to use it all. The OLED TV offers an outstanding level of immersion, so it’s time to put your games on the big screen. Since the arrival of the Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync™, gaming on TV screens has reached new levels, as with them, the OLED TV can deliver over 120fps at 4K. That’s simply incredible.

The gaming experience on LG TV is so natural that sometimes while playing racing games, I feel like I’m driving in the real world. The gaming session is so effortless that I almost feel like enjoying every comfort my Mercedes offers when I’m on the actual roads. The filmmaker mode of the TV is supposed to preserve the creative intent of the moviemaker by letting you watch your favourite film in its original form, and it does the job really well. The white light output of the OLED is the highest I’ve ever seen from any OLED-based display.

Just like the opulence and epitome of luxury that the Mercedes S-Class Maybach provides, this OLED TV is something you’d definitely want to hang on your wall instead of a Picasso painting. Both these products define the term luxury in their unique ways and are an excellent choice for someone progressing towards grandeur with style and compassion, more like arriving in life.

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