An iconic luxury sedan, a priceless experience God’s own country explored in the lap of luxury Featuring the Lexus ES 300h | Exhibit Tech Auto

An iconic luxury sedan, a priceless experience God’s own country explored in the lap of luxury Featuring the Lexus ES 300h

Lexus ES 300h, a self-charging hybrid electric luxury sedan, is one of many electrified cars from the luxury car maker Lexus, a pioneer in the field of hybrid electric technology. Lexus has over 2.3 million electrified vehicles on the roads globally as of today. Powered by Lexus Hybrid Drive, a seamless, optimal combination of electric power and fuel, this luxurious sedan was our abode on wheels on the beautiful roads of Kovalam, Kerala, where the Exhibit InfluencEX Awards 2022 was held to felicitate the best of best influencers across India.

Kerala, well known as God’s Own Country, is one of India’s most beautiful states with lush, scenic landscapes and a rich culture that befits the title. Adding inimitable charm to the experience was the Lexus ES 300h, which took us in luxurious comfort through picturesque Kovalam, stopping at the arts and crafts village, Shiva Stupa and finishing off with a magnificent Sadya feast at Taj Green Cove Resort and Spa, Kovalam. As we found out, the Lexus ES 300h was indeed a refined companion to explore this stunning city.

A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

Kovalam is an idyllic destination, the perfect setting for the elegant Lexus ES 300h. Starting in absolute silence in pure EV mode, the car is capable of unleashing all its power with a simple toggle of the drive selector. Courtesy of the MacPherson Strut suspensions upfront and rigid rear double-wishbone suspension-member braces on the ES 300h, changing direction while on the highway or in the streets of Kovalam was a breeze. Add to that, the signature Lexus spindle grille design, and slender and beautiful silhouette, made the ES 300h a true head turner.

Our first destination was the Kovalam arts and crafts village, an 8-acre sustainable property dedicated to showcasing the vibrant art and skilled craftsmanship of the state. The Lexus ES 300h felt right at home as it cruised silently, enhancing the sense of serenity in the tranquil village. If you are yet to visit this place, the craftsmanship offered here is second to none – recycled wood, metals, textile, and many other elements of nature are beautifully carved into striking art pieces created by skilled and traditional craftsmen. Lexus draws a great parallel as the craftsmanship is at the brand’s heart. Consider the Lexus Takumi masters, the skilled craftsmen behind every Lexus. Takumi dedicates their lives to the perfection of an individual skill set, and precisely apply their highly trained senses to refining every detail.


This is apparent in the design of the ES, from the subtle touches of crafted luxury in the interiors to the distinctive and refined styling of the exteriors. This class-leading Japanese craftsmanship makes the ES 300h a perfect blend of elegance with luxury.
The Perfect Drive Partner

Our next stop took us across Kovalam to Kerala’s tallest Shiva sculpture, which stands at 58 feet in the form of Gangadeshwara on the cliff of Azhimala beach in Kovalam. This massive statue, which took six years to create, dwarfs the Azhimala temple and is visible across Kovalam’s expansive beaches from miles away.

The Lexus was a perfect partner for the journey, with a quality of excellence and a finish that stands tall. Everything in the ES 300h, including the extensive 12.3-inch widescreen crisp touch infotainment system with wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, is oriented towards the owner’s comfort and within arm’s length for efficient operation. The multiple tones of pure luxury inside the cabin add to the experience cocooning you in comfort. The wireless charger and 17-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround sound system amp the cabin experience to even greater heights.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more: the three-eye bi-beam LED headlamps, stylish rear L-shaped LED lamps, panoramic sunroof, acoustic glass on the windows which insulates the cabin from outside sounds along with active noise cancellation which further adds to the Lexus ES 300h experience. The engaging driver’s 7-inch MID and an even more astonishing heads-up display provide all the necessary information required by one in the driver’s seat. Pairing this opulence with active noise cancellation inside the cabin made the drive a truly serene experience that only a Lexus could deliver.

Luxury Made Personal

From Azhimala beach, our drive continued to the Taj resort consolidating further the driving pleasure the ES 300h is capable of. A dedicated drive mode selector features Eco, Normal and Sport modes for enhanced driving options making the most of both powertrains. The silhouette is not just attractive but also functional, with underbody and rear fins optimizing aerodynamics. The improved engine paired with batteries and motors makes for an unprecedented experience of instant acceleration and dynamic performance at all speed levels without any compromise on the fuel efficiency – along with a step towards a carbon neutral drive.

Along with our co-passengers, we were entranced by the Lexus climate concierge, 3-zone climate control with rear door and window shades for added privacy and luxury made personal. Further enhancing the back seat experience is an integrated central console, which lets you control the audio system, 8-degree rear seat recline, ambient illumination and other settings neatly integrated for a seamless experience. Reaching our destination, we were just in time to relish Kerala’s famous Sadya feast with multiple authentic signature delicacies served on a banana leaf.


The ES 300h offers the best of the best driving pleasure and excitement served in a sustainable package. Kerala was a great destination to test the Lexus ES 300h, and a beautiful hybrid-electric sedan explored the best each had to offer. Kerala’s lush greenery, beautiful clean beaches, and great food and culture are mesmerizing. The ES 300h reflects that ethos and class perfectly, the absolute partner to wow your senses in a tranquil, luxurious experience. Brilliant and trusted by millions, the hybrid-electric technology makes this car a joyous driving experience while contributing toward carbon neutrality.

Lexus is redefining the meaning of abundance with comfort, technology and a sustainable approach to crafting a better tomorrow. Lexus plans to go carbon neutral by 2050, and if the ES 300h is the starting point of that journey, we are very excited to see what the future holds.

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