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Future of Transportation is Solar-Powered

Asad Abdullah

Asad Abdullah, a 22-year-old Indian entrepreneur from Uttar Pradesh, has demonstrated the future of environmental security with his new solar-powered electronic bike. Abdullah claims that he made the bike from scraps with his KTM bike. 

What is the Solar Powered E-Bike? 

Abdullah recently posted a video on his Instagram account (@asadabdullah62), showcasing the e-bike. The video shows a seven-seater e-bike, one for the driver and six passengers. What makes it stand out even more is the solar panel canopy over the heads of the people in the vehicle. It charges the e-bike while also providing shade for people in the vehicle. It looks comfortable to drive and ride in, all the while being completely safe for the environment. 

Abdullah has estimated an amount of ₹8000 to ₹10,000 for its creation, a fairly affordable and convenient vehicle. His invention can also top 125km/hr and covers at least 130km on a single charge. It has impressed people like the current chairman of RPG Enterprises, Harsh Goenka. (Link)

How Have E-Vehicles Improved Climate and Economic Conditions? 

It’s not new that the climate crisis is getting worse day-by-day and actions need to be taken. One of the largest contributors to climate change is vehicular emissions. Not only is the danger level rising but also prices have become pretty much unreasonable. Due to the urgency of finding a solution, electric vehicles have become popular around the world. They have played a major role in improving traffic conditions and reducing carbon emissions. 

Another unspoken advantage is how much quieter electric vehicles are and Abdullah’s e-bike is not only great for the environment but also protects their riders from the sun with its convenient canopy. Noise pollution greatly impacts people’s health, and the increase in electric vehicles tackles this directly. The quieter, the better! Abdullah’s e-bike is also much more affordable than gas-powered vehicles. He decided to tinker with his original bike after spending nearly ₹6000 per month on fuel alone and wanted a more economical alternative. 

Learning DIY Tech Yourself

Abdullah’s passion for inventing and DIYing knows no bounds. His YouTube channel, Homemade Creative, has a range of products that he has modified himself. The best part about his channel is its informative nature. His description box has all the gear you need to make these products yourself. More importantly, he has a website dedicated to teaching you how to make your own electronic bike. This is incredibly helpful and only costs ₹599 and is guided by him. He also does reviews of the best accessible technology. 

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