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Tech Start-ups Save The Day – A ‘Post Pandemic’ World

Start-ups are gearing up for the post pandemic era. The innovative tech brimming to come to life will not only be helpful but will also become the norm. We all know that going forward, social distancing and personal hygiene are the new essentials. Plenty of start-ups are coming up with some practical solutions that will help businesses implement these essentials. It’s a great idea to focus on these absolute necessities right now because we don’t want another pandemic to render us handicapped.

DINGG, a Pune-based start-up has come up with a platform that manages queues and bookings and customers are already giving it a thumbs up.

DINGG’s customer acquisition has gone up manifold during the lockdown. The start-up helps its customers with bookings and appointments at hospitals, salons and even wine shops. Their wait-time prediction engine helps in reducing customer-waiting time and eases the management of the customer flow.

Akshay Poorey, one of the founders was concerned about the struggle of people and vendors to deal with the current crises. The platform was launched in order to address this problem as it would make it easier for people to book their appointments through the all, SMS or a missed call. They don’t need to waste their time waiting for their turn at the vendor. DINGG also offers customized solutions to clinics, spas, private hospitals and boutiques. The offerings include token system and queue management.

DINNG is currently offering solutions to people in eight cities and plans on expansion in the near future. It has also been shortlisted for the ‘Cawach’ programme that is launched by the Centre. The programme aims to support start-ups  that are coming up with solutions to challenges during the COVID-19 crisis.

Another start-up, Park+ is focussing on smart parking solutions for malls. It is an app-based platform that functions on cloud-based automated parking systems for malls and other establishments. The solution aims at helping with parking discovery, booking, payment and tracking.

Staqu, a Gurgaon based start-up, uses artificial intelligence that can help corporates to suspect tracing and PPE monitoring. When it comes to keeping the air virus-free, Magneto CleanTech has the perfect solution. They’ve launched an air filter device that comes with filterless magnetic air purification technology and ultraviolet technologies. The start-up claims that the device had the ability to decontaminate indoor air by killing over 90 percent of the viruses.

All of these start-ups are doing their bit for everyone by giving solutions that will help not only during the pandemic but also long after. The centre’s Cawach programme is also an encouragement that will help more and more tech start-ups come forward to work towards achieving a virus-free environment. How well the products fare and how practical the solutions are is for time to tell. As of now, we are glad that there’s hope!

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