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Evolution of Marketing in Tech during COVID

Evolution of Marketing in Tech during COVID

All of us have been constantly talking about the impact of COVID in various industries. In this post, let’s read about the evolution of marketing in tech during the COVID-19 era. All we have seen are adverse effects albeit a few industries like online education, e-commerce, mobile apps and social media platforms have seen a growth. When we talk about tech, we know that’s the future and the good thing is that we already are in the future! With artificial intelligence slowly taking centre stage, being under control of our businesses is becoming easier. With all of this, there’s one thing where we want to spend the money right now and at the same time we don’t want to. Marketing. We need recall more than ever but do we have the funds? If we have the funds and if marketing is the priority, do we have the right ways, channels, communication methods to do it? 

Not only the world has changed in terms of the economy and health but also in mindset and behaviour. How do you present yourself in front of someone who has no intention to buy right now, especially if you don’t fall under the category of ‘essential goods’. While so many tech brands suffer from figuring out the right way to communicate at the moment, some others have taken this opportunity to gain a new set of audience and to build more credibility. Honestly, it’s the way you perceive the situation and build a strategy on it.

Let’s take a look at some of the tech brands and what have they been doing in the last few months to stay in their people’s minds. 

1. Amazon

For years Amazon has been responsible for changing a buyer’s mindset, thereby changing their behaviour when it comes to online shopping. While for regular things such as books, household items, etc it was always the ‘go to’ app, lately it’s focus on groceries has given fruitful results. Initially where customers were apprehensive of buying grains and pulses from an app that has never done so before, today they’re not only buying groceries but are also trusting the giant for long term usage for the same. Insane. Isn’t it? They’ve also been focussing on promoting sellers who provide health and fitness products or services. After all, our well-being is of utmost importance in such times. We’d say, Amazon has been quick to make this happen and the communication to the consumer has been effective. 

Take a look at how Amazon has been doing this via their social media platforms:


As you can see the introduction of ‘Wow Wednesdays’ is a great idea. Promoting OZiva that deals in natural and herbal products and focusing on wellbeing via special IG TV episodes has helped Amazon Garner attention. While these sessions also help the brand OZiva, at times like these, Amazon is in a complete win-win situation. Topics like fitness and mental health are sure to keep the customers interested for a long time to come and choosing social media to run ‘episodes’ that revolve around the same will keep the audience coming back. 

Right. Now, it is best to make the most use of social media for all kinds of marketing. The benefits as we know are:

  1. You already have an audience.
  2. Lesser spends give you more reach. 
  3. That’s where everyone is spending the most time right now. 

Not only has Amazon picked the right channel but also the right products and messaging. The subject of wellness and fitness is something that is a universal favourite at the moment. 

Here’s a few other essentials they’ve been focussing on and all the focus is on the things you can do at home right now. 




We think this is a great way to communicate not only with your audience but also an opportunity to showcase all the essential products and services you offer to them during a phase like this. Directly shoving your products in the customer’s face right now is of no use. This is an ‘authentic’ way to show you care. 

2. Audi

We know that the automobile industry has been negatively impacted but Audi’s communication to the audience is simple, concise and effective. While they can’t change the fact that the whole industry is going downhill, they’ve made sure that the message they give is positive and reassuring; focussing on the ‘journey’ ahead. They’re not losing hope and are holding on to their audience with comforting communication. 

Take a look. 


Their quick thinking drove them to create the MyAudi Connect App that lets you book services, know your trip history, get fuel updates and more! 



The same Audi with a different messaging, offering an ‘app’ experience to all the customers. Very evolutionary and very quick. 

3. Apple

Hasn’t Apple always done something unique that touches people’s lives and hearts? It has always had an ‘inclusive’ culture where it always has made efforts to be a part of its own community. With a human touch, Apple has never failed to impress it’s audience, despite all the controversies it has been a part of. With the lockdown during the pandemic, it’s no different. Here’s how they’ve been working on keeping everyone together and connected during ‘COVID times’. 


#TheAtHomeSeries is the hashtag they’ve added to #ShotoniPhone when people are sharing their images. This, along with sharing the stories associated with those images is intriguing and uses ‘storytelling’ to captivate it’s audience. 



Storytelling can never go wrong, especially in times like these where everyone is seeking a more authentic human connection. Marrying the art of storytelling that involves ‘at home’ activities with the impeccable quality images shot on iPhone is a brilliant idea. The images become a part of the story and build the much needed empathy and connection. 

While all of these are just a few examples of how tech brands are perceiving the pandemic and using the opportunity to showcase a different kind of messaging, there are many who are trying their best to keep up with the times. However, survival will belong to those who ‘evolve’ with the times. 

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