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Chin up and take responsibility

Our cover is graced by the indefatigable P.V. Sindhu, an emblem of resilience and excellence in the realm of badminton.

It’s the festive month of the year but with AQI levels so high, bursting crackers will look like declaring war against humanity. The Air, which is still somewhat breathable, will not remain so if we don’t do our bit to arrest global warming; the superpower up there has been warning us with floods and earthquakes every now and then in some parts of the world, so we chin up and take responsibility. Mars is still inhospitable, if we collectively screw up mother earth then we’ll have nowhere to go! Even the masterstrokes of Ace P.V. Sindhu will not be able to get the shuttercock to move freely if the quality of air remains like this. Switching gears in the Volvo XC60, whose safety feature in its class remains a benchmark as we celebrate the spirit of triumph, innovation, and the allure of the past. Our cover is graced by the indefatigable P.V. Sindhu, an emblem of resilience and excellence in the realm of badminton. Her journey symbolises the power of determination, making her an inspiration for millions. Her simplicity and infectious smile can take the opponent on the court down smilingly. She is currently in rehab and was not able to stand for long hours and actually limp, but professional she was, and since the shoot was planned in Hyderabad with every other piece of logistics arranged, all crew tickets booked, she continued the shoot and showed up, just like a true sport.

Foldable devices have been making a lot of news, and we got three of the most premium foldable devices and dissected the OnePlus Open, the Galaxy Z Fold5, and the Google Pixel Fold. These titans clash in a battle of innovation and functionality, and all of them have something to offer. OnePlus Open looks more sorted at its price point. The question actually remains: why do we need a foldable device in the first place? You can’t use the screen to watch videos in totality, typing speed is not faster than a regular phone. The one great use case is the multi-screen layout and for reading magazines or any document, the extra screen real estate. Apart from that it’s rather a cumbersome process to live with a foldable device in a day-to-day life. For example, if you want to go biking or running, you will find it not all that comfortable.

Our retrospective on the rise and fall of ‘80s/‘90s tech giants is a voyage through the annals of technological history. Witness the ascension and eventual descent of the once-revered companies that paved the way for the digital age we inhabit today. In our ‘How Big Is’, we playfully dig at the Lego Group. Have you ever pondered on the magnitude of The Lego Group? Get ready to be astounded as we unfurl the colossal scale and global impact of this iconic brand, showcasing its journey from a humble start to a global phenomenon.

Lastly, don’t miss our tribute to the Golden Era of Indian Rock Music in the ‘80s and ‘90s. “Rising Decibels” amplifies the nostalgia, celebrating the bands and anthems that defined an era and left an indelible mark on Indian music history. Lastly, we went on a drive with 60 Lamborghinis’ through the desert towns of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur right up to the Indo-Pak border and learnt a very important thing- the side of the Pakistan border has no fencing, only the Indian side has double barbed wire fencing, perhaps they don’t need one!!

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