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The Automated future of today


Uncertainty: We all live in such uncertain times that to predict the future would require epic levels of algorithms with master codes of Artificial Intelligence. Everything that we do today and the way we live is up for change. Let’s start with the vaccination for Covid-19, which is underway. But what is not uncertain is how long the antibodies will remain, and the word “mutation” is by far the most challenging word to know. How the virus will mutate and what strain it will take is beyond imagination. It can be catastrophic, or it can just take the Covid- 19 saga to the history books. Let’s take cars, for instance. The future is undoubtedly electric, but lithium is in short supply, and the amount of power we would need will quickly outpace the power we can generate to charge all the EVs in the world. Autonomous driving is around the corner, and flying cars will soon fly us to the distant future.

The shape of our smartphones is continuously changing. Foldable smartphones are here. Next could be rollable and expandables which can pose a severe threat to the television industry and maybe laptops to a certain extent and the tablet space whose existence as a category will be challenged. The embryonic chips in the works can be instead in your skull and mapped to your brain, which will throw internal projection to the “screen lenses” you will be wearing over your retina, just like the regular lenses. And the Siri commands in the future can change to “play the Avengers movie with Jr Brad Pitt as the actor”, and it will be playing in your eyes, all connected seamlessly through the chip. Scary, right? But this could be a reality, just like the dystopic society of Pitta Kathalu, with one episode starring Shruti Hasan streaming on Netflix. A reality check is essential.

For now, we have the real-life hero Rohit Shetty, who, apart from flying blowing cars [his last one was lexus], is a very humble soul who has worked his way up. Success does not come easy. You have to start early and work hard. His whole journey to be one of the most successful directors, which started at the age of 16, is an inspiration. Only people driven by passion reach somewhere. Coincidentally, we went with Ananya Birla in a Lamborghini Urus, whose tag line is driven with passion, and Rohit Shetty owns a URUS. Enjoy the issue

Ramesh Somani
An entrepreneur with a mind of his own, who is always confused between his passion for tech or automobiles. Hence he is the founder of Exhibit group and Publisher & Chief Editor of BBC Topgear India.

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