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How To Keep Your Gadget From Overheating

keep gadgets from overheating

Overusing and wrongly handling your gadgets can lead to overheating, among other problems. While it might be worrisome, you need not be too hassled. Here are some quick tips that you can employ to keep your gadgets from heating. And, you’re welcome-

  1. Charge your device, particularly your phone, on a hard surface and not on softer surfaces like a sofa or a bed that tend to absorb the heat emitted and block the air vent thus making the phone even hotter

  2. Kills all the apps running in the background so as to reduce the workload on the device

  3. Get rid of the cover every once in a while so your phone can breathe and cools down on its own

  4. Clean the vents so the heat has a way out and does not get trapped inside the phone

  5. Avoid extreme temperature changes, i.e. if you have been in sunlight, wait to use your phone when you come indoors into a cooler environment

  6. Never charge your phones overnight because not only does it spoil the efficiency of the battery in the long run, but it also tends to heat the phone up; it might also cause it to explode

  7. Shut down your laptop at night and keep it on the standby mode when not in use during the course of the day. This will not only reduce power usage but also reduce the heat output

  8. Shutting down your phones for a fix period during the day also tends to be healthy for the phone

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