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Sunil Jose | Top Leaders In Texh & Auto

Ex: Leadership quotes that you live by
Sunil: A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. – John Lenon John Quincy Adams, a former US president once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.

Ex: What is the biggest change in customer relationship management you have seen in the past decade?
Sunil: Computing is evolving. It began with systems of record, which hold your customer data in silos that are not user friendly nor easily accessible. It moved to systems of engagement, which are systems like email, collaboration systems, and new social networking and learning systems. More recently, we’ve entered an era of more intelligent systems, where artificial intelligence and reporting bring the data we need to life. Now, we’re in the era of a single source of truth. There must be one singular place that has all of your customer data, from your CRM and other parts of your organization to the data that lives outside your organization completely.

Ex: With e-commerce gaining prominence and WFH becoming the new culture, what changes do you plan to bring to your system?
Sunil: Over the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need to enable distributed and remote work almost overnight. Now, as we slowly but surely turn to recovery and ensure business continuity, technology will play a key role in enabling this transition while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees. With all of our employees currently working from home around the world, our top priority is ensuring their safety. To this effect, we have brought in some changes in our system. As employees continue to work from home, one of the biggest challenges for organizations will be to ensure productivity. With the right setup, individuals tend to be more available, more productive, and happier.

Ex: What is one truth you believe in that most people disagree with you on?
Sunil: This is indeed an interesting question. I would have to say, the ability to take risks and leap forward with conviction irrespective of the doubts that plague your mind while making an uncertain decision.

Ex: One book you keep coming back to?                                                                Sunil:  I have always been an avid reader. Two books which have particularly had a great impact on me are – Playing to Win by A.G.Lafley by Roger L Martin and Factfulness by Hans Rosling. Both these books have predominantly shaped my outlook on a professional and personal front.

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