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Havells Meditate Air Purifier: a Melange of Contemporary Design and Revolutionary Technology

Havells Studio, introduced by Havells India Limited, is an endeavour to bring together innovative, premium, and ingeniously crafted technology products for today’s discerning consumers. Demonstrating the value statement of “inside thinking” Havells Studio unveiled its first product ‘Meditate Air Purifier’. Designed for India & world, the product is powered by pioneering SpaceTech air purification technology developed In-house, Tested &verified by Equinox lab for efficacy against removal of hazardous gaseous pollutants like CO, TVOC, Formaldehyde, SO2, NO2, O3, NH3 & Toluene etc. as well as pathogenic micro-organisms (bacteria, Viruses & fungal strains). The potable AQI monitor displays parameters like Air quality, battery life and fan speed and also acts like a remote for real-time air quality monitoring as well as controlling the device.

Meditate, a technological cutting-edge offering from Havells Studio, with a differentiated design language exclusively crafted to offer consumers an unparalleled experience.

Air pollution today is not just a health hazard outside homes but is a concern even within our homes. Indoor air pollution is just as deadly as outdoor air pollution. According to the World Health Organization, exposure to Pollen, dust, pathogens, and VOCs are all pollutants commonly found indoors and can be attributed to negative health effects. While pollen and dust may trigger allergic reactions and induce symptoms such as sneezing, dizziness, coughing and fever, inhaling mould and VOCs can result in more serious health ramifications. The Havells Meditate air purifier was created in response to the country’s rising pollution levels. It draws inspiration from modern-day city life, where tranquil surroundings and clean air are not commonplace. The Meditate air purifier offers a safe solution to combat indoor air pollution. It uses advanced TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) Coated plates along with UV-C and UV-A lights that cause a Photo-catalytic Oxidation process to not just filter the pollutants but to destroy them without creating any harmful by-product. Meditate is designed to create a zen-like environment that is calm, pure, and pleasing to the senses. 

Meditate: Unique Concept and Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the Meditate Air Purifier helps blend in seamlessly with the ambient home décor bringing balance and harmony to any space. It is designed for large areas and differentiates itself from existing air purifiers with its external and portable air quality monitor. The portable controller, when placed close to the user, ensures that the main device is aware of the condition of the air surrounding the user and accordingly adjusts its fan speed to maintain good air quality around them.


  •         Predictive Analytics on App
  •         Scheduling-Automated on/off for everyday use
  •         Wireless Charging
  •         360 Degree purification
  •         Filter life indication and notification
  •         IoT, Alexa and Google home enabled

SpaceTech Air Purification Technology

Meditate air purifier uses 6 stages of intense air purification that uses evolved SpaceTech technology to remove the finest impurities. The pre-filtration stage cleans the air of PM (Particulate Matter) by using integrated filter (Pre-filter mesh, medical grade H14 HEPA filter & Granular activated carbon filter).

The second stage of air purification degenerates the viruses /bacteria and hazardous gases by exposing the air to specific wavelength of light (UV-C & A) and the reaction is catalysed by specific catalysts (strontium titanate dopped with palladium & nano silver). This process, called photo-catalytic oxidation, is adapted from purification technology deployed for space stations – however, modified by partial mixing of strontium, palladium & nano-silver to enhance the efficacy of oxidation thereby degenerating the pathogens much faster. The hazardous gases like formaldehyde, ethylene, ozone are disintegrated to basic elements of environment, thereby eliminating them from the environment for good. 

The Interface:

The AQI monitor has three capacitive touch buttons for power, mode and toggle. The display shows important parameters like Air quality, battery life and fan speed. This portable AQI monitor also acts like a remote for real time air quality monitoring as well controlling the device.

The product comes in SilverSatin colours, priced at 64900 and will be available on e-commerce platform Amazon.in

Commenting on the launch Mr. Anil Rai Gupta, CMD, Havells India said “Havells studio is our commitment to continue to offer products and experiences that set new paradigms of experience for our consumers. It will house the most advanced technology and best-designed products, from the company, for the emerging generation of users who demand nothing but the best. As the consumers evolve, Havells will continue to invest in new initiatives to meet the diversifying expectations of the new age consumers.”

“Havells has always been a technology leader. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and going beyond the ordinary has inspired us to create exceptional products that fit seamlessly into our consumers’ lives, and our latest product, Meditate is a testament to that. The premium air purifier will cater to the comfort and well-being of judicious consumers who are looking for a world-class experience from an Indian brand.”

Over the years, at Havells we have strengthened our in-house R&D initiatives and will continue to increase our capabilities for future as well. We are optimistic that our premium category under Havells studio will garner positive response from the consumers”.

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