Nimo Launched Smart Sunglasses That’d Replace Your Laptop

Nimo Launched Smart Sunglasses That'd Replace Your Laptop

What do people usually expect from sunglasses? Of course, the basic mundane things with a touch of modern technology, but what if I tell you, you could have a pair with the capabilities of a computer, possibly by the first half of 2023.

Yes, Nimo Planet, a company based out of India, recently unveiled a new smart glasses that acts as a multi-screen computer, fits in the pocket, and helps you work from anywhere.

The smart glasses are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 processor which makes it a mini-computer that sits on your head. It features a dual 720p display on the edge of each lens, which aids you to view multiple virtual screens and watch movies, work, or play games.

Nimo Launched Smart Sunglasses That'd Replace Your Laptop

A core team of 10 people based out of Kerala are working on the project, and the aim of the company is quite simple, they want you to replace your laptops when you’re on the go.

The company is working on these glasses for more than four years and expects to ship the glasses in the first half of the next year, and they will be available at the price of $799 in the select cities of India and the US.

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